Olay Fresh Effects {Everything Off!}

review of olay fresh effects face wipes

As a mom of two, time has warped into super-speed, and sleep has become an anomaly. I mean, if I didn’t have my cup of coffee to wake me up and the Olay Fresh Effects {Everything Off!} Deluxe Makeup-up Removal Wet Cloths to keep my face looking alive, I would literally look nearly half dead, and my brain would be functioning at a generous 10%.   Are you pressed for time too and still want to look fabulous in the morning? Pay attention. No matter if your sleep deprivation and limited time comes from having kids, work, or crazy school schedule, what I am reviewing today from Olay Fresh Effects is for us all. I have details on a hot new Olay skincare product that will not only save you time, but will have you singing, “I woke up like this” as your new anthem (thanks … [Read more...]

The Review: jane cosmetics

Review of jane Cosmetics

For a cosmetics company that can be found at a drugstore, jane cosmetics is pretty amazing. On my YouTube channel, I did a Makeup Show beauty haul and showed you a few thing's that were given to me to try out from jane cosmetics; today I am going to review them for you. I have some eyeshadows, blush and bronzer duo's, highlighters, more blushes... and they are all gorgeous and not a bad price at all. While at the jane cosmetics booth, I got to meet Charlie Riddle, the Director of Creative Artistry and Education for jane cosmetics, and he was amazing. Funny thing is, he lived in my home town and knows one of my good friends; small world. Alright, back to this review of jane cosmetics!     First impressions: Can we talk about how beautiful these … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Eyeshadow Design Using the Makeup Forever Artist Palette

eye makeup design using the makeup forever artist palette

Two things today on Citizens of Beauty: 1 eye makeup design inspired by my book 500 Eye Makeup Designs,  and the Makeup Forever Artist Palette. Have you tried the Makeup Forever Artist Palette yet? This is a new formula from Makeup Forever and it's rich, creamy, extremely blendable, pigmented...and basically delicious. In all honesty, I haven't tried any eyeshadow in a powder form that goes on like this. If you haven't tried the new eyeshadow formula yet, it will not disappoint in the least. Moving on, if you grab my book and take a peak at page 270, there is a the Double Point Eyeshadow Design. It's a gorgeous purple and blue eyeshadow design that I created using the makeup forever flash palette. But since the Makeup Forever Artist Palette is here, I wanted to try this … [Read more...]

5 Healthy Beauty Brands To Love

healthy beauty products to love

Last week I got to go hang with the amazing Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup and her sidekick nicknamed ‘Red’ at the grand opening of W3LL PEOPLE in Austin, TX. This launch party and beauty event was filled with beauty insiders and vendors from top organic and health conscious beauty brands that you are going to fall in love with, just like I did. If you are a fan of healthy beauty brands and cosmetics, you are going to want to pay attention; these brands are brag worthy. I left this event with a goodie bag filled with healthy cosmetics from each of the beauty brands featured at the W3LL PEOPLE launch party and I have been waiting all weekend to share them with you! 1)   W3LL PEOPLE: This cosmetic company is the byproduct of a makeup artist, a dermatologist, and a … [Read more...]