Holiday Sparkle Makeup Look

sparkle makeup look design

What's Christmas time without a holiday sparkle makeup look? With this sparkly golden eye makeup design and punched up pink lip, you will either steal the show or you look will look ridiculous. Make sure when rocking this look that you wear it to the appropriate party. Here are some places you should wear this festive eye makeup design too, and where you should avoid it at all cost. Where to NOT wear this look too: your grandma's Christmas dinner casual grocery shopping a white elephant party church? (I mean you could...but..) your mommy playdate pretty much anywhere except for the option below Where TO wear this look too: A formal holiday party New Years Eve   What You Need:     Eyes: Jouer Cosmetics Eye … [Read more...]

Gift Glowing Skin With Kate Somerville

glowing skin holiday sets from kate somerville

If you have someone on your Christmas list that you know is going to let their inner glam-girl pop up for New Years Eve, help them out a little and gift them with glowing skin. Most girls are like this on New Years: heels that make them want to puke, sparkling dresses that that look like reflectors, perfectly positioned imperfect hairstyles, Kylie Jenner fake...I mean outrageously lined lips (don't believe it), and of course festively manicured nails. But truthfully, all of their work will go in vain if for some reason they forget their most important accessory, their skin. So in order to not let that happen (and to get major gift-giving brownie points), check out a few of these glowing-skin,  must-have holiday sets from Kate Somerville. And..maybe pick one up for yourself too. … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Gift Goody Hair Accessories

ornaments with hair accessories inside

I have two little-hair-obsessed girls that are to going flip out when they open their Goody Hair Accessories they will be getting for Christmas. Truthfully, they would be perfectly happy if I just threw them in their pink princess stockings, but there is so much more you can do with them! Take a peek at these 3 ways to gift Goody Hair Accessories for Christmas.     Hair Accessories Jar   I got this mason jar and filled it up with a bunch of goody hair bands, hair ties, and headbands. Then I screwed the lid on and placed two more headbands around it just for fun. I love how festive this gift looks with all of the sparkling hair accessories. Any girl would like this, plus it's nice way to keep them organized.   Ornament Hair … [Read more...]

Skin & Bare It: 6 Tips for Embracing Your Skin Type

learning to embrace your skin type

Hey guys! Today I have a fantastic guest blogger who is sharing with you 6 tips for embracing your skin type! Audrey is a skincare nut turned blogger who secretly cares more about moisturizer than makeup. She specializes in unique skincare formulas during the day (and bad reality TV at night.) Check out her countdown of the most cringe-worthy vintage beauty ads on her blog, Vain Pursuits. My complicated relationship with my skin began with my first sunburn. As a little girl on the beach, I turned lobster pink while my beautifully tanned mother sunbathed away. Over time, I came to appreciate the beauty benefits of my translucence. Not being able to tan left me with no choice but to be an avid sun protection user, which is lucky since I have no self-control. With that said, I … [Read more...]