Eye Duty Triple Remedy Review

brighten depuff undereye

New on my beauty desk is the Eye Duty Triple Remedy, and it may just have taken the cake for best under eye treatments. Since the combination of age and being a mom hit, my dark circles and puffiness have become more prevalent. So, when I saw that this eye treatment helped to correct under eye darkness for immediate gratification and treated the problem over the long haul, I knew I needed to give it a try. Let me tell you more about the Eye Duty Triple Remedy while I sip my cup of coffee and start my day off on a coffee high. On the days when my under eyes are absolutely hating me, I take special care of them by de-puffing with a cool compress. Then I apply the best eye cream for fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the area with a corrector. With this eye treatment … [Read more...]

Going Nude with GLO MINERALS

nude makeup look

For an easy Spring 2015 makeup look, try going nude with some must-have products from glo minerals. Well maybe not completely nude, but just enough that this no makeup-makeup look will make people questions if you are that annoying person who naturally came out of the womb a total babe.  Which, of course, you totally did.   For an everyday spring makeup look, going nude is the easiest way to look polished without having to spend much time getting there. This look is all about accentuating the natural beauty and adding a touch of a glow and color. To create this look today, I am going to be using some cosmetics by glo minerals. If you aren’t familiar with the glo minerals brand, it’s time to pay attention; especially those of you who are looking for healthy … [Read more...]

5 Pink Blush Colors for Spring

5 pink spring blushes for 2015

When I think of spring blush colors, I think of varying shades of pink that might be called something like bubblegum or cotton candy. Hang with me. I know these names make anti-pink, strictly mauve-wearing mavens rebel. But I promise, in small doses, pink blush can make your face look alive.   So don’t shy away as I show you my top 5 pink blush colors for spring; they are all extremely wearable when applied in moderation. Also, I promise that none of these will make you look like you should be in an 80’s dance video. Disclaimer: If you are that person that insists on applying layer after layer of blush…you could look like the star of the 80’s dance video. All jokes aside, here are my picks and if you need instructions on applying blush, you can check that out … [Read more...]

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Look Tutorial

too faced chocolate bar makeup tutorial

Just a few weeks ago I posted a tutorial on how to do a hairstyle for medium length hair and I had a ton of readers ask me to show how to do the makeup I was wearing. So as promised I am going to show the look that I am coining the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Look Tutorial. If you already have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, a black liner, and some mascara, you can get this look really easily. If you don't have that eyeshadow palette, just use similar eyeshadow colors to what I am using. Before we get started, let's talk about the makeup brushes you should have on hand. For this look, you need a blender brush, flat brush, and an angled liner brush. These brushes are essential to creating this eye design. Why? Because having good makeup brushes and the correct ones make all the … [Read more...]