5 TSA-Friendly Beauty Products

tsa friendly beauty products

Today I am traveling by myself, 8 months prego, for 8 hours, with two kids under 4 (say a prayer for me). I think by the end I might be a little frazzled and in desperate need of a glass of wine that I can't have, a new brain, and a beauty pick-up. Along with me for this 8-hour jaunt are a few TSA-friendly beauty products that I will be tucking away in my cosmetic bag so that I look as if I held myself together the-whole-time. Speaking of that, I think what stresses me out more than hauling my kids around is the potential of getting the death glare from grown adults who know better. And, if they say anything negative to me, they might just be needing to borrow my TSA-Friendly beauty products because we will have words...and I will win. Can you tell I am already mentally … [Read more...]

Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in Polish, Glossed, and Sleek

sleek miracle colour luxe lipgloss review

This past year I was introduced to Mirabella Beauty, a mineral makeup company that "makes clean products without compromising color." My first review of their cosmetics made me fall in love, (check out the Mirabella Highlighter in Shimmer Rose) and I am hoping the new Colour Luxe lip gloss colors will do the same. At first glance though, I have to say, I am pretty confident these three beauties will make their way into my perma-stash of lippies. Just a hunch. Speaking of my stash of lip-painting products, it's a real problem. I am a lipgloss girl...well actually, I am a lipstick, lip-balm, lip-lacquer, lip-tint, lip-anything girl. If you knew the amount of lip products I hoard, you would report me to the show.  I simply can't get enough; I carry about 15 lipsticks in my purse … [Read more...]

3 Fragrances for Father’s Day

Fathers Day cologne and gift guide 2015

If it seems like cologne for Fathers Day is a bit overdone, I hear you. It's like an obligatory gift of some sort, "Hey Dad, I got you some MORE cologne. Hopefully, you went through the last bottle". I think the reason it can feel like just a typical Fathers Day gift is because if it's not the best-suited cologne for the dad you are buying for, it can seem impersonal and sometimes not thought out. It would be like if a guy hurriedly grabs the first set of flowers he sees at the super-market and then slaps a card on it, gives it to you and hopes for the best. You can always tell it was a last minute decision, but you don't want to be a jerk, so you embrace the multi-color-dyed daisies anyways. In essence, a fragrance for Father's Day should be thought out, that's what makes it … [Read more...]

Simple BOHO WAVE Hairstyle with TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Collection

TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done

Sponsored Post If I were to choose a specific style code for myself, it would be bohemian. I pretty much gravitate like a moth to a flame to an effortless, soft and flowy Boho wardrobe, so it only makes sense my hair would follow suite. Thanks to new TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done collection and Walmart, I am going to show you how you can get my Boho Waves look at home with just a few products. TRESemmé has been killing it with their hair care collections, and with styling products infused with Sea Kelp extract-- the new Perfectly (Un)Done products do not disapoint for creating soft, Boho waves. And, while there are 6 new products to obsess over, I only need 2 in order to get my look. So, I picked up the Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam and the Perfectly (un)Done Ultra … [Read more...]