Get Catty With Me: Black and Gray Cat Eye Tutorial

cat eye makeup tutorials for fall

I will admit it, lately I have been in a makeup rut and have been doing the same non-makeup, makeup look on repeat since having Wyatt 2 months ago. But after seeing all of the makeup looks from fashion week on my Instagram, I vowed to myself that I would never...neeever allow that to happen again. There are too many fabulous makeup looks for fall that I would be missing out on if I kept up in the direction I was headed in.  So I had to take my makeup to the other side of boring and bust out some sass. Check out this black and gray cat eye tutorial for fall...I think I will put this one on repeat instead.   This eye makeup design might look complicated, but honestly, it's not. I only used three products on my eyes and they are all drug store brands that are found at … [Read more...]

Update Your Fall Skincare Routine

skincare for fall 2015

Now that summer is officially over; it's time to think about ways you can get your skin back into shape and update your fall skincare routine. Of course, you should have been taking care of your skin this whole time. But if we are honest, summers are lazy and sometimes washing your face seems like a daunting task when you could be outside adventuring. I wouldn't know anything about that though because I am writing this article.  When fall hits, heaters turn on, and the weather gets crisp and dry, this can cause your skin to become parched and basically hate you.  So, it's a good time to kick out those oil-free products that are great for summer and add in hydrating and exfoliating products. Check out these seven skincare products that I love and that you should be considering … [Read more...]

Fall Style Vibes: Denim Shirt Dress

fall fashion

When fall hits, so does my fall style vibes, and today it's denim. I don't care if it's still 100 degrees here in Texas, and I am ditching the summer dresses and stepping into boots. When I lived in Portland, OR (once upon a time), I was in full-on fall weather clothing by the end of September. We are talking scarves, long sleeves, jeans, and additional layering pieces for just in case hypothermia set in. Oh, and all that while carrying a delicious fall latte with cool leaf inspired foam-art to rep the season. I was all about it. And honestly, I still am. But my clothing choices are a little different now that a hot flash could potentially happen in this warm fall weather. For me, I need outfits that are are easy, stylish, comfortable, affordable, and easy to unbutton … [Read more...]

NEW: Ciaté London Olivia Palermo The Cheekbone Cheat Blusher Bronzer Duo

ciate london blush and bronzer duos

I am sure you are familiar with the Ciaté London nail polish collection, but did you know they now have makeup too? Yes my friends, they do, and the Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Cheekbone Cheat Blusher Bronzer Duo's that I have to show you today are ev-er-y-thing. That was a bit dramatic, but truthfully, Seaside Park and Bluff Point are on point in the cheek department, especially with Fall rolling out. Best of all with these blush/bronzer duo's is that they are a duo. I love when I can have two products in one because it saves me space in my makeup bag and cash from my pocket. That is a win-win situation if you ask me. Can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? I love the chic black and gold design and the fact that there is a mirror inside. Plus, it looks pretty … [Read more...]