Two Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Makeup Looks

how to get smoky eyes

Last week I reviewed the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Eyeshadow Palette for you, and if you recall, I was very surprised by how good it was! Today I am going to show you two makeup looks that you can create with this palette; one is more natural, and one is more smokey. Since there are 9 eyeshadows in the Hard Candy Palette, there are so many different eye makeup designs that you could come up with. So if you end up purchasing this palette, you should definitely play around and see how many different combos you can come up with (with all your spare time of course). If you haven't played around with Hard Candy Cosmetics before, this is a good palette to start with. It not only has nine eyeshadows, but it also comes with an eyeshadow primer and a black eyeliner for only $8.00! It's … [Read more...]

Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, and Makeup Look

review of the hard candy sassy eyes eyeshadow palette

Dark and sultry eyeshadow shades mixed with shimmery neutrals is what I first noticed about the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Eyeshadow Palette that I will be reviewing for you today.  It's been a while since I have tried anything from Hard Candy, and from the looks of it, they have stepped up their game. But we all know looks can be deceiving...especially when the price tag is almost too affordable. (Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about.)     In the Hard Candy Sassy Eyes Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, you not only get nine gorgeous eyeshadows, but a black eyeliner and eyeshadow primer too. It also comes with a little sponge applicator that should be promptly tossed into the garbage (or given to your two-year-old)  because they do nothing for … [Read more...]

Sunscreen Info: How Much Sunscreen to Apply and How Often

applying the right amount of sunscreen

Everyone knows that wearing sunscreen is important, but often they don’t know how much sunscreen to apply and how often. Although I have regretfully had my wild days under the sun with tanning oils and tanning booths, I have been an avid sunscreen user since my early 20’s. Still, even after being warned of the dangers of UV exposure, I  haven't always used SPF correctly. I am going to venture out and say that a lot of you reading this might not be wearing your sunscreen the right way either and there for could be getting some unnecessary sun damage. Since May is skin cancer awareness month, I thought it would be appropriate to break down some sunscreen facts and answer questions about the best ways to protect your skin. Read along to see if you are wearing your sunscreen the … [Read more...]

Rae Cosmetics Waterproof Lipliners in Nude, Raspberry, and Maraschino

rae cosmetics waterproof lip liner in maraschino

I love a good lipliner, but I have a special place in my heart for ones that say waterproof because I know that they will last longer on my lips. Rae Cosmetics is a mineral makeup line created to stand up to harsh heat and active lifestyles that often leave your makeup in puddles and you running for a touch-up. While I would love to check out the entire line, today I am focusing on the waterproof lipliners. They look pretty promising, and since I am an avid coffee drinker living in Austin, TX....longwear lip products are essential. If you have never tried a waterproof lipliner before, they are a must have for any lipstick lover regardless of if you live in the Arctic or Tropics. I always carry waterproof lip pencils in my makeup kit because it's important for my clients to not … [Read more...]