DIY Manicure and Tips for Longer Lasting Polished Nails

at home manicure tips

Having well-manicured nails is something that makes me feel a little more polished (no pun intended) and like I have my life together. But since I can’t make it to the salon on a weekly basis, I do a DIY manicure at home that has some real good staying power. One of the most annoying things about manicures (especially if you pay for them) is how quickly they become disheveled and gross looking. So, it’s important to me to have a manicure that’s going to last for more than two days of laundry, dishes, and other things that are too boring to blog about. You know what I mean? So with that said, if you don’t know how to do a mani, no worries, I have you covered. Just follow along with these 6 DIY manicure steps and tips for longer lasting polished nails. 1) File nails: First … [Read more...]

PUR Minerals Chateau Cheek Stains in Peach Bellini, Prosecco, and Rose

gel cheek stain

For those of you that hate re-applying your makeup throughout the day, the PUR MINERALS Chateau Cheek Stains in Peach Bellini, Prosecco, and Rose will soon be your new cosmetic bag side-kick. After having tested this long wear blush out in the humid, 100 degree Texas weather and having it stay put, I was sold. In fact, not only did I wear this outdoors, but I wore it while painting something for Wyatt's room. I was out there for about an hour getting hot and sweaty, yet still my cheeks looked flawless. Pure Minerals Chateau Cheek Stain Highlights: This is a gel-like cheek stain that has skincare friendly ingredients like anti-oxidants to help fight against free radicals. It gives a very natural tint to the cheeks, but can also be layered for more color. My Thoughts: … [Read more...]

The Little Green: My Infants First Beauty Products

safe bath products for kids

Two weeks ago today I had my third child that we named Wyatt Ezra. First off, although this is not my first go around with a newborn, having an infant is no joke. It is an around the clock boob-fest here, and I am pretty exhausted from whipping it out every 2 hours for on-demand breastfeeding. If you are wondering if this is that kind of post, it's not. I just wanted to have a moment of honesty before I jumped into talking about a new line of safe bath and body products for babies from The Little Green. Between Wyatt having two beauty obsessed little sisters and a makeup artist and beauty blogging mom, it's a no wonder that my two-week old son would already have his first beauty products. We start them young around here. The Little Green prides itself on having products that … [Read more...]

5 Way to Reduce Rosacea Redness

5 ways to reduce rosacea redness

Disclosure: This post was part of the Break Up with Your Makeup program sponsored by Galderma Laboratories, L.P. through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Galderma Laboratories, L.P, all opinions are my own. You should discuss any medications with your doctor. If you struggle with visible blood vessels, experience facial redness when you drink a glass of wine or think you have adult acne, there is a chance you might actually have rosacea. Years ago, I worked as a Medical Aesthetician alongside some fantastic doctors, and was able to see firsthand how frustrating rosacea can be to sufferers. Fortunately though, there are ways to reduce rosacea redness and other common symptoms by adjusting your lifestyle and treating your … [Read more...]