How to Conceal Dark Circles

how to conceal your dark undereyes

Now that you know what my favorite undereye concealers are and the best ways to keep puffy and tired eyes away, it’s time to learn how to conceal dark circles! For starters though, you need to make sure that you have the correct product in order to make the concealing and hiding process go smooth for you. In other words, if you are using junk product, you aren’t going to get good results.  Just sayin. If you read my blog post from yesterday, I gave you five concealers that work great. But I must be honest, even then, sometimes you still need a corrector to go on first that counteracts the blue shade, and then you apply the concealer over that. So today, I am going to show you my go-to corrector and where I apply it along with some highlighting tricks that can also help your … [Read more...]

Best Concealers for Dark Circles

concealers that hide dark circles

Yesterday we talked about six ways to brighten up your undereyes and look a little less tired every day. I didn't dive too much (or any) into concealer suggestions because I wanted to hold off and show you the best concealers for dark circles that I have tried on today's blog post! Plus, to make things even better, I will show you how I conceal my pesky dark circles tomorrow. Awesome right? I think dark circles are annoying for soo many reasons, but my biggest complaint is that they waver from bad to worse on a day-by-day basis. So, I need a concealer that is going to work no matter how bad they are; these concealers are the best that I have tried on myself and clients. So check out my suggestions and let me know if you have tried any of these already! Clé de Peau … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Brighten Your Under Eyes and Reduce Dark Circles

tips on brightening your under eyes

I wish I could blame dark circles and under eye puffiness on the fact that I have two young kids that keep me sleep deprived (yes I am complaining..and yes I adore them). But most of the time, dark circles are a result of our under eye skin being the thinnest on our body, making our veins more visible to the world. To make matters worse, our skin thins as we age, making dark circles even more apparent the older we get (awesome...kidding). With that said, age and thin skin isn't the only reason our under eyes need to be brightened up and rejuvenated; you can get dark circles from periorbital hyperpigmentation. This condition causes more melanin to be produced under the eye, resulting in darker skin. In other cases, the veins under the eyes get damaged and leak blood that … [Read more...]

How and When to Toss Your Beauty Products

when to toss cosmetics

It's always a struggle to know when to toss your beauty products. It's also a struggle to know how to toss them when you really don't want to, even though you know you should. So, here is my story. Once upon a time I had a roommate who was a beauty product hoarder and refused to toss her old beauty products. Her hoarding was so bad that if I dared to open the bathroom cabinet, her mascaras, lipsticks, and anti-aging products would spill out everywhere. At 19, this seriously annoyed me. Why couldn’t she just throw away her unused and old beauty products that smelled funky and didn’t look right in color (yes of course I investigated)? Little did I know that my judgmental self would be that beauty product hoarder in the future, and ten times worse.  Which brings me to last … [Read more...]