• L’Occitane Holiday Gift Sets
  • DIY Vitamin C Toner| With Green Tea & Lavender
  • Festive Flirt Holiday Makeup Look
  • Best Sephora Holiday Gift Sets
  • Easy Holiday Updo for Short Hair

How to Shape Your Eyebrows and What Tools You Need

how to shape your eyebrows and the products your need

Have you ever wondered how to shape your eyebrows and what tools you need in order for them to be perfect?  Today we are tackling both subjects. As you know (or should know), I am sort of a freak about having on-point eyebrows. I have said this before, and I will say it again, having bad brows makes an incredible makeup, look bad. And before you go into a pity party sulk fest about how your mom never taught you how to do the perfect arch or never even took you to get them done professionally, neither did mine. I am the one who taught her...go figure. I have talked about how to shape your Eyebrows before, but I have never incorporated the tools you need in order to give them a professional touch. Today I am using The Brow Gal products by Tonya Crooks, who is a celebrity eyebrow … [Read more...]

L’Occitane Holiday Gift Sets

Hand Cream holiday gift set my L"Occitane

L’Occitane Holiday gift sets are the perfect way to say “I love you,” this holiday season. Mmm… just kidding. I’m not that cheesy! But seriously, have you ever tried the L’Occitane bath and body products? In my mind, they are some of the best luxury bath and body products on the market, and will make an awesome Christmas gift for anyone on your shopping list. Today I am showing six bath and body holiday gifts from L’Occitane. Each one is unique, perfectly packaged, and ready to blow your mind with fragrance wonderment. As you start working on your Christmas shopping checklist, you might be able to cross some gifts off your list (or add some to it) after seeing these holiday bath and body gifts and sets.   1) For dry hands this winter season, the Arlesienne … [Read more...]

DIY Vitamin C Toner| With Green Tea & Lavender

Recipe for DIY Vitamin C Toner with Green Tea and Lavender

Did you know that a DIY Vitamin C Toner is super easy to make and costs next to nothing? Vitamin C (L-acorbic acid) is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young, radiant and fresh because it helps produce collagen, wards off nasty free radicals, and promotes healthy skin cells.  In other words, it’s one of the best anti-aging ingredients you can have in your skin care regimen. Unfortunately though, Vitamin C does have a dark side (quite literally) and can lose its potency rather quickly when exposed to oxygen, making it turn different shades of brown.  When this happens, the usual ‘free radical warding benefits’ of Vitamin C turn against you and actually becomes the evil free radical itself. Isn’t that annoying? If you have ever purchased a Vitamin C skincare … [Read more...]

Festive Flirt Holiday Makeup Look

holiday makeup look 2014

Who has an entire calendar filled with holiday festivities for the season like me? That means lots of different parties to get dressed up for, and a holiday makeup look that is on par with each occasion. Luckily for you and me, I have a new and fresh holiday makeup look that goes along with the berry and metallic holiday makeup trend of the season. Get ready to pin this Festive Flirt Look to your Pinterest Boards; it’s super easy to do, and the other holiday party-goers will be stunned at how awesome you look. Below I have mapped out exactly what makeup products you will need to achieve this holiday makeup look, and the step-by-steps to get it. Also, make sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions about this makeup look, I would (obviously) love to … [Read more...]