The 3 Basic Eyeshadow Brushes That You Really Need

In my opinion, there are only 3 basic eyeshadow brushes you need to have flawless eyes. I feel like we have over complicated the makeup brush situation in the beauty industry. I swear, every set I see that brands push out have way too many brushes which can make attempting a simple eye look, a bit overwhelming. So, if you are wondering what basic makeup eyeshadow brushes you need in your cosmetic bag for everyday use, read along and get some easy tips and tricks on how to use them.

basic eyeshadow brushes you need for everyday use



what eyeshadow brushes you really need


Applying your eyeshadow doesn’t need to be complicated. I think pairing down what you have makes it so much easier to create a pretty eye. I have been a makeup artist for 15 years and I can tell you that these three brushes are my go to’s for myself and for my makeup clients. You will also notice that I use them in every single one of my makeup tutorials. Even better, if you learn how to take care of your makeup brushes, they will last you ten years at least.  Score!


What basic eyeshadow brushes you really need and where to use them

Drum roll please. You might already have these eyeshadow brushes which is great because they are my all time favorites. If you don’t, I have linked some really good ones for purchase that you should definitely get. The quality of your basic brushes for eyes is really important.  If you get ones that are low quality, your eyeshadow won’t blend well. On the flip side, getting high-quality eye brushes and learning the tips and tricks I am going to show you will up your game dramatically.

Here’s What You Need:


Three basic eyeshadow brushes you need for flawless eyes and how and where to use them.

I am going to keep this really simple for you, ok? We don’t have time for complicated when it comes to just getting on our eye makeup. Here is how I use each of these eye makeup tools.

  1. Flat Eyeshadow Brush: You apply this brush to your lower eyelid, inner corner of the eye, and under the brow bone. When you apply this brush to your lower eyelid, press the flat side on your lid with the eyeshadow instead of sweeping. This gives you more pigment and avoids getting colors on areas of the eye that you don’t want. Under your brow bone and in the corner of you eye, you can sweep the eyeshadow on because it’s usually a lighter shade.
  2. Blender Eyeshadow Brush: Of all the makeup brushes out there, this is one I can’t live without. You sweep this into the contour of the eye using tiny circles. Since this is the are of the eye that we are trying to deepen, use a darker eyeshadow shade.
  3. Angled Eyeliner Brush: I love using this brush. You can dip it into eyeshadow and trace it along your upper and lower lash line. Or, you can apply your eyeliner and use the angled brush to straighten out the line and make it look more precise.


If you have questions, let me know!




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