5 Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments You Need to Try

Today I am going to fill you in on the top 5 anti-aging skincare treatments you need to try now. It’s the most shocking thing when you wake up one day and notice those fine lines and wrinkles starting to form around your eyes. For me, I noticed changes in my skin after I had kids, when I seldom slept, and when I hit my 30’s. So, instead of getting annoyed and slightly depressed (kidding…kidding), my solution is to fight back. I am all about prevention and using any non-surgical anti-aging treatments available like Botox, fillers, and lasers at this point in the game.

To this point in my life, I have done all of the anti-aging beauty treatments I mentioned in this article. In fact, I used to work at a medical spa as a medical aesthetician and performed many of these treatments. It’s why I am so passionate about skincare and why I am an advocate for anti-aging preventative beauty treatments.

(This post has been recently updated as of January, 2019)

Get these 5 anti-aging treatments to try this year for softening fine lines and wrinkles, brown pigmentation, pore size and more with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.


On that note, though, you could do every anti-aging treatment out there and still have terrible results if you aren’t maintaining your skin at home with good skincare. If you are serious about getting your skin in good shape for 2016, figure out your goals for your skin and find quality skincare that will help you have success. For instance, if you want to get rid of brown pigmentation, get a product like this one from Murad that has hydroquinone. Or if you are fighting wrinkles, try the brand new Kate Somerville retinol serum that I have been obsessing over.

1. Fillers: As you age you start to lose the volume in your skin because your collagen and elastin starts to lose its presence. This causes your skin to not only sag downward but to have deep smile lines around your mouth. What fillers like Juvederm, Restalyn, and Volbella do is fill in the areas on the face that seem to be lacking volume. The most common places to get filler on the face are the cheekbones, nasal labial folds, and lips. But it can be done on the bridge of the nose, back of the hands, and more.

It’s not the cheapest, quick fix anti-aging treatment around at between $300 and $600 per syringe. But, if you have a special occasion coming up, or just simply like looking younger, fillers will give you that. Just don’t over-do-it; make sure you go to a competent and artistic injector and know that you can always go back in for more if you want, so start small. You can check out my experience with getting my lips injected with Volbella and see the before and afters. I loved my results.


2. Botox: Botox is a must-have beauty treatment if you’re looking for instant wrinkle reduction on the face. Botox works by relaxing the muscles on the face, which in turn lessens your fine lines and wrinkles. It takes about 10 days for your muscles to fully relax and for you to see your results.


The cost for Botox is typically around $10.00 per unit but can go up to as much as $15.00 per unit. This is dependant on where you get your Botox and what Dr. you see. A typical Botox injection for someone in their 20’s and early 30’s is around 20 units while someone who has more prominent fine lines and wrinkles need around 40+. You can check out my experience with Botox in my 30’s and see my before and after results.


3. Chemical Peels: Both AHA and BHA chemical peels help to exfoliate inside the pores and the top layer of skin. For an overall skin refresh, having a chemical peel will not only brighten your skin but will help to shrink pore size and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With that said, doing just one peel isn’t going to give you much in the way of results unless you are doing a deep chemical peel like a Jesner which comes with a week of downtime. Most lunchtime chemical peels that require no downtime should be done in a series of 3 to 6 for the best results.


What you can expect from a chemical peel is a slight tingling of the skin, some redness, and flakiness after a few days. Pricing for a chemical peel varies from spa to spa depending on if you are seeing an aesthetician, nurse practitioner, or Dr. In general though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00+ for a single peel and get a reduced price if purchasing a package.

You can also do at-home peels which are far less invasive. One of my favorite Chemical peels that works well on every skin type is the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel; you will see softer, glowing, and more radiant skin in just one use.


4. IPL Photofacial: Also known as photo rejuvenation or Intense Pulsed Light, this skin treatment helps to gently and safely treat brown pigmentation, broken capillaries, and other signs of aging. If you have small brown spots from sun damage, IPL is your best bet for reducing them significantly, though you can see other ways to reduce and get rid of brown pigmentation here too. It works by using broad-spectrum light to target skin discoloration causing the spots to absorb the light’s energy. The results are immediate pink, darkening of the spots, and then flaking of the darkened area over a ten or more day period.

For best results, a series of 3-6 is always recommended depending on how severe your skin discoloration is. Typical pricing for an IPL treatment ranges, but you can expect to pay upwards of $500 per treatment. If you are wondering what an IPL feels like, it depends on how high your esthetician or nurse has the machine up. For me, it felt like rubber bands snapping on my skin. However, some places offer topical numbing prior to treatment which is ideal.


5. Micro-dermabrasion: Another immediate result skin treatment is the Micro-dermabrasion. It helps to slough off dead skin cells from the top layer of skin (the epidermis), which results in smoother and softer skin. There are several Micro-Dermabrasion machines out there, so you need to really investigate which machine will give you the best results. I have tried lots of different Microderm machines and I always go back to the crystal machines because I feel that the results are better.

What you can expect from a Microderm is softening of rough skin, smaller pores, and an overall glow. Price points for an exfoliating Microderm treatment will vary depending on the device and where you go. A typical price is anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 and sometimes more. When you buy it in a package, you generally will get them at a lower cost.

If you don’t want to go into a spa for a microdermabrasion treatment, you can always purchase an at-home microderm machine as well and tackle good exfoliation that way too.


What skin treatments will you do to get your skin in better shape for 2016?


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