6 Tips On Surviving a Breakout



Is it just me or does it seem like when one pesky zit decides to pop its head up, a whole army comes along with it? If you are like me you may struggle with this horrible habit of getting a mag. light/mirror and trying to squeeze them out one by one until I have created a red swollen mess. My husband usually catches me mid “pick sesh” and he always seems to give me nice little reminder that I do tell people to refrain from picking.


So here are a few tips to calming down a current breakout:


  1.   I am preaching to the choir here, the best thing to do when you see a bump forming is to leave it alone. NO PICKING! Picking can spread bacteria causing more blemishes, leave a scar, or make the blemish last even longer. If you are desperate, go see your esthetician for some proper extractions.
  2. Use Benzoyl Peroxide to kill the acne causing bacteria, and a salicylic to exfoliate inside the follicle, clearing built up debris. Don’t go overboard with this though, think rice size amounts.
  3. Pay attention to how often you are touching your skin. Try to make a habit of to leaving your hands off of your face. There is no need to add any unnecessary oil’s to skin that is breaking out. Also, be sure to clean your cell phone as it can acquire lots of acne causing bacteria.
  4. Give your skin some space; avoid piling on the makeup to cover up the breakout. Try giving your skin a two-day break to heal.
  5. Ice it! Just like you would apply ice to anything else that was swollen, apply a an ice-cube for one to two minutes twice per day to bring down the severity of the pimple.
  6. Pamper your skin- go get a facial but make sure to skip the oily face massage! Ask if they would do the massage with either a customized mask or serum.
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