Amp MD Skincare Derma Roller Knockoff

If you are familiar with the Amp MD Skincare Derma Roller,  you will be happy to know I have found a knockoff. I went shopping on Amazon and purchased several anti-aging skincare derma roller knockoff tools to find the one that worked the best. These acupuncture-type needle rollers are at-home skincare beauty gadgets that help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne scarring.

rodan and fields skincare roller knockoff

What is a Skincare Derma Roller

Before we go into the knockoff I found, you should know what this anti-aging at-home device will do for you and why you need it. The purpose of a skincare roller is to make micro injuries to the skin which in-turn tells the body to fight back, heal, and promote more collagen and elastin. You can get similar treatments in a dermatology office that are more invasive and it might give you quicker results. However, with a roller for the skin at home, you will still see a softening of fine lines and the reduction of scarring over time.

The Basics

  • builds collagen
  • builds elastin
  • firmer skin
  • plumper skin
  • helps with fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps with acne scarring
  • can help plump lips

Testing Out the Amp MD Skincare Derma Roller Knockoff

amp md skincare roller knockoffs

I picked out three derma rollers that were similar to the Rodan and Fields Amp MD Skincare Roller that I love. I was looking for a high quality roller that has  surgical grade stainless steel acupuncture-type needles that were .25 mm.  I didn’t find any that stated they were surgical grade on amazon, but they are all titanium or stainless steel.

Each one of my rollers came in a case similar to the R & F roller and were even wrapped in similar packaging. All of these skincare devices were made of plastic, so, none of them felt different than the AMP MD Roller. Before I tested them on my skin, I soaked them in 99% alcohol to make sure they were completely sanitary prior to use. I always think it’s smart to clean anti-aging devices before you put them on your skin anyways because you never know.

My first skincare roller knockoff that I tried was a number one seller from Golden touch. It has 540 titanium micro-needles with a base made of gold plastic, which actually looks very sleek! With that said, when I tried it on my skin, I felt like the needles were a little too short and didn’t match the AMP MD in how it felt. However, for someone that is just starting out with these skincare tools, this might be a good beginning point for you.

The second one was Derma Beauty, a popular skincare derma roller knockoff on Amazon. It has 540 stainless steel microneedles with a plastic base and housed in a plastic container for safety. I like the way it is constructed, but I felt like this one didn’t penetrate my skin as well as the Amp MD. But again, this might be a great starter tool for someone who is wanting to start at home micro-needleing with a skincare roller.

Now, the last AMP MD Skincare Derma Roller Knockoff I tried was by Healthy Care. It has 540 Titanium micro needles and is also a best seller. It comes in a plastic case with a plastic base just like the other two. For whatever reason, this one penetrated my skin better than the other two and so I was more impressed. Even better, it is less expensive than the other two although, lets be honest, they are all an absolute steal. Having said that,  it is going to be a little more aggressive than the first two I mentioned.

You can read more about the Best Amazon Derma Roller Here.



If you are on the hunt for a great skincare or derma roller, make sure to get one of these! And, if you don’t know how to use one, watch my live Facebook video for more information.




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