Basic Makeup Essentials in Your Thirties

Want to know what basic makeup essentials you should have in your thirties? Pull up a chair sweetheart, let’s chat about it. First off friends, let’s just pull the bandaid off, we are getting older, and with that comes a shift in not only how we look, but how we view ourselves, and also how we should adjust our makeup. It’s shocking to wake up and discover your first fine line (20 year olds…don’t’s coming your way too…and FAST) and to realize that maybe it’s time to switch up a few basic makeup essentials to make them current for your 30-year-old self.

THIS ISN’T A BAD THING! I REPEAT, BEING IN YOUR 30’S IS A RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! And before I even go into the basic makeup essentials you should have in your cosmetic bag, you need to hear me on this and take it to heart. These basic makeup essentials are great, they will work for you, they will even make you feel a bit more pulled together and collected, but, you need to celebrate who you are without it all. It’s okay to get older, and friends, that lovely face of yours with all of its beautiful imperfections tells a unique story that’s only yours because there is only one you. So, do me a favor, be kind to yourself. Mmm k? We are not self-bashing here. We are discovering a NEW way of doing things, and one is by readjusting our makeup essentials.

As we get older, and especially hit 30, our skin starts to take a major hit and usually get’s duller, dryer, and if you live a busy life, it looks a lot more tired. In addition to adjusting your skincare routine, you need to do the same with your makeup. So, let’s chat about what we need to switch up in our makeup routine and what basic makeup essentials you currently need in your makeup bag.

best basic makeup essentials for women in their 30's

Basic Makeup Bag Essentials for Your 30’s

In your basic makeup bag, you should have a foundation, concealer, eyebrow powder or pencil, a basic eyeshadow palette, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, a few lip products and your basic makeup brush essentials. This is truly the bare bones for your cosmetic collection in my opinion. With a makeup bag filled with these items, you will be able to create the perfect daytime and evening makeup look that also perfectly suits your 30-year-old self.

If all that sounds good, but you still don’t know what exact basic makeup essentials to buy, let me break it down for you with a few options in each category and why they work for women in their 30’s.

best foundation makeup essentials you should use in your 30's

Basic Makeup Essentials for Flawless Skin in Your 30’s

One thing to really remember when shopping for foundation and concealer for your 3o-year-old self is to make sure it is not heavy, matte, and seen. As your skin get’s older you see larger pores, some brown pigmentation and even fine lines and wrinkles, so it’s easy to think that a heavy foundation is needed to fix the skin issues. I get the philosophy, but unfortunitally, skin cells tend to stop turning over as much as they did in your early 20’s, so adding thick foundation just makes your skin look dull and even more aged. Yeah you get stuff covered up, but it’s pretty counter productive since you are creating a new problem. So instead, get on the best skincare for your 30 something self and then use a High Definition foundation and lightweight buildable concealer that covers well and keeps your skin looking dewy, fresh, and illuminated.

Here are a few favorite options

  • Make Up Forever HD Foundation: Buildable med. to full coverage HD foundation that’s also very lightweight in texture. ($43.00)
  • Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation: Natural-looking, sheer finish with buildable coverage. Has two types of light-reflecting powder particles that diffuse fine lines, pores, and uneven skin tones. ($62.00 and worth every cent)
  • Dior Hydrating Concealer: While most concealers use opaque pigments that can look harsh on maturing undereyes, the Diorskin Nude uses Node-Glow pigments that are translucent. It illuminates the under eye allowing your natural skin’s radiance and the concealer become one. ($30.00)

    what basic maskeup essentials you should use when you are in your thirites

    Basic Makeup Essentials for Eyes in Your 30’s

I feel like when you hit your 30’s your go through this bizarre crisis of wondering if you are too old to rock that smoldering plum eye look or that rocker chic smoky eye. You know how they say age is an attitude? I think that’s a real thing. While I am not suggesting reverting to old immature ways (I love my 30-year-old self so much more than my 20’s), girl, if you want to bust out a dramatic makeup look, do it without apology. Moving on. We are talking basic makeup essentials for your 30’s, right?

So if you are makeup curious and just want to know what basic makeup essentials you should have for your eyes in your beauty bag, I will tell you. Keep it simple and yet versatile so that if you do decide to bust out a different evening look, you can. I would recommend an eyebrow pencil or powder, basic eyeshadow palette, black eyeliner, and a black mascara.

Here are a few favorite options

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo: This comes with a lighter and darker brow powder color for creating a natural brow look. When you are in your 30’s it’s important to keep your brows looking posh because it will keep you looking more youthful. Don’t over-tweeze, and for the love, if you don’t know what you are doing with your brows, go see a specialist. ($23.00)
  • Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette: I am obsessing over this new eyeshadow palette from Tarte. It has 12 stunning eyeshadow colors that will carry you through the season and it’s only $45.00. While it’s clearly beautiful for all ages, it’s especially great for those in their 30’s because it has so many great color choices that are chic and powerful. Another great option that won’t surprise any of you who read this blog on the regular, is the Naked2 Palette. It’s just basically that good and you can see how to use it with this makeup look.
  • Black eyeliner is a must have for every basic makeup essentials cosmetic bag. Just adding a little black liner on the outside corner of your lash line in an upward angle can make your eyes look more youthful. I am honestly not a fan of brown eyeliner for everyday use as I can use brown eyeshadow if I am going for that look. A few black eyeliners to consider are the Lancome LE CRAYON KHOL because it applies creamy and then stays forever ($26.00), or the tarte Skinny SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner ($19.00)
  • Another lovely thing that happens as you age is your lashes get thinner. It’s sad really. But, that’s where the best mascara comes into play. Have you tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23.00) before? You need it.


what makeup essentials you should have in your 30's

Basic Makeup Essentials for Color in your 30’s

People get freaked out by blush, bronzer, and lipstick. They look at the color and literally have an internal meltdown, “will people stare at me? Will they judge me for wearing this color? Will they think I am trying to be too cool for my age?” The answer is who cares. WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE THINKS BESIDES YOU! If you want to rock that red or pink lipstick, do it! If you need help deciding if it’s a good fit for you personally, send me a picture, I will be your Beauty Best Friend. With that said, here are a few options for your basic makeup essentials that are gorgeous. Also,  I would keep your blush and bronzer simple and go with a duo and then get two lipsticks to play with. One for every day, and one for a special evening where glam is your game in every way.

  • Too Faced Melted in Melted Fig is great for either every day wear, or special occasions. I love melted because my lips stay hydrated while the color lasts all day. It’s a win-win. ($21.00)
  • Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Creme in Rioja is for the 30 year old women who doesn’t give a _____ about what people think about her. This lipstick will be in her basic makeup essentials bag because to her, it’s basic. Oh, and if you love a matte red, this will be a new obsession. ($28.00)
  • Korres Mandrin Lip Butter Stick is perfect for every day use and for the 30 year old who wants color, but also don’t give a ___ in a different way. As in, I woke up like this, deal with it and watch while I slather my lips in Mandrin goodness because I want to and my lips love it. ($16.50)
  • Olivia Palermo x Ciate London The Cheekbone Cheat Blusher Bronzer Duo is a must have for makeup minimalists and especially as your basic makeup essentials. It glides onto the skin easily and doesn’t settle onto the skin in an evident way; it blends in perfectly. ($32.00) Also, the NAKED FLUSHED blush, bronzer, and highlighter in NATIVE, one of my other favorites that I love is currently on sale at Sephora for 50% off!  I might buy them all though…so good luck getting one. Don’t let the color freak you out, it looks amazing on tons of skin-tones.

Okay, my 30 something sisters, get your basic makeup essentials rocking and have fun playing!

Your Beauty Best Friend,


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