Put a Feather On It

Have you seen the short from the show Portlandia called “Put a bird on it?” Well there’s a new hair trend that sort of reminds me of that. I am talking about the feathers that girls are rocking in their hair these day’s. Is that a, “Portland loves birds and feathers thing,” or is this trend everywhere? It’s everywhere! These flock-locks have been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hillary Duff, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Skinny strips of feathers, taken from real roosters (PETA will hate this), are put into the hair like a regular extension and crimped in place to last 4-7 weeks. You can wash, blow dry, straighten and curl them like you would normal hair. They come in all different colors, from more natural shades to hot pinks and bright purples.

You can have feathers put into your hair at a salon for pretty inexpensive depending on where you go. If you feel like being adventurous and doing it yourself, you can also purchase feathers on-line (I have seen them on Etsy.com) and pull up one of the many Youtube videos out there for instructions.

Would I rock this look? Although I think it looks real cool on some people, and I have many friends that are into it, they kind of take me back to the days of Junior High and High school when the fad was a hair-wrap of bright string. I am not sure if I would rock this look, on the other hand I have been known to change my mind. Even writing this post makes me want to join the club and, “put a feather on it.” What about you?



-Kendra Stanton



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  • Mandy

    For once I am actually in the “hip” crowd and it works for me since I have to hang with high schoolers all day!!

  • Rebecca Pickrel

    I love mine!

  • Abbi

    I love mine too! I think they’re a fun addition to my short straight hair. I get great compliments about them all the time!

    • i am glad you get great compliments! I am still unsure if I would do it. Who knows though!