High-End Cosmetics at a Walmart Price: Flower Beauty By Drew Barrymore (Review and Swatches)

Purchased by me:

I have been dying to get my hands on some of the Flower Beauty Cosmetics from Drew Barrymore. I have read lots of positive reviews, and there was one from prettyshinesparkly that had me sold! I think what peaked my interest was that Drew chooses to invest her money in the product, and personally promotes her brand. That’s why the products are infused with “a botanical-infused Soft-Focus Complex”, made in the USA, and also why the packaging rocks.  Oh, and all this at a Walmart price as it is sold exclusivity at Walmart.


So let me show you what I picked up out of curiosity and for my own pleasure, as I truly am a beauty product hoarder. (I mean, I have an actual beauty room now, I gotta fill it up.)


Review of Drew Barrymores Flower Beauty Cosmetics


What I noticed first about the Flower Beauty Cosmetic like is that the packaging looked really cool and not super cheap and junky. I think packaging matters, but that could just me.


CRÈME BLUSH Peach Blossom

Review of Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore cream peach cream blush



Review of Flower Beauty Peach Blossom Creme Blush


Brand Overview:

    • Conforms to skin for a soft “powder”-like finish
    • Blush transforms into a soft velvet veil on cheeks
    • Deposits gentle color for a healthy glow
    • Perfect for layering to build your desired look

My Thoughts: I was really impressed with the Peach Blossom Creme Blush! It was very pigmented, cool packaging, and it wasn’t overly shimmery. It actually felt a little more matte than anything except for that it did give my cheeks a nice glow. Also, the color of the Peach Blossom was gorgeous and reminded me of a version of NARS ORGASM and was also very buildable.

Price: $7.98



Flower Beauty Good As Mari-Gold review







Brand Overview:

  • Enriched with Vitamin E for antioxidant protection
  • Long-wearing formula
  • Water-infused, weightless finish
  • Lid-smoothing texture
  • Buildable, blendable coverage
  • Moves beautifully during application then sets without creasing
  • Easily removed with make-up remover

My Thoughts: I really like the Flower Beauty Good As Mari-Gold Creme Eyeshadow. I used it on my lower eyelid and then near the tear-duct of my eye. I found that if I pressed it onto my eyelids instead of smearing it, I was able to have more color pay off. It goes on more sheer, but once I let the first layer dry a bit, I was able to successfully add a second layer making the color more intense. I also used a tiny bit as a highlighter above my cheeks. It gave my a little bit of a golden highlight which reminded me of a Chanel highlighting product I used years ago that is discontinued.

Price: $7.98


Flower Beauty Morning Glory High Shine Lipstick review



Flower Beauty Morning Glory High Shine Lipstick review



Flower Beauty Morning Glory High Shine Lipstick review


Brand Overview:

  • Emollient oils improve shine for a rich, creamy application
  • Pure, intense color payoff
  • Extreme shine

My Thoughts: Wow, the Flower Beauty High-Shine lip color in Morning Glory gave great color payoff using very little product! I chose this color because I needed a pale, nude pink shade, and this was the perfect one. After I purchased it, one of my friends loved it so much that she went and picked one up as well. My only issue which isn’t an issue is that I didn’t feel like it was very high-shine, I thought it was more matte than anything. But I am not much for high-shine anyways, so this was perfect for me. I would most definitely re-buy this lipstick…no question about it.

Price: $6.98


My Flower Beauty Look

Flower Beauty Product Review


I did this entire look in about 5 minutes and I chose these Flower Beauty products because I wanted something that would be quick, easy, and fast. I think my fave. of the three products I picked up was the lipstick. Now I want one in every shade!


Have you tried Flower Beauty Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore?





Note: I bought these products with my own cash-flow. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.






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  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I’ve only seen the polish so far! The creme shadow looks amazing!

  • Beautiful look. I have been LOVING Flower beauty. Literally I have found a ton of dupes for Chanel buy them. The eyeshadow quads are even amazing. And the highlighting sticks are to die for. Great post!!!

  • I’m going to head over to walmart today after work to look into these. I’m a beauty blogger and I can’t believe I am JUST reading abou these. #badblogger! lol..thanks for the review, that gold eyeshadow is calling my name!

  • Kat D

    I definitely have to pick up some stuff from this brand! Forever and a day I had no idea it was Drew’s line.

  • Norah Salazar

    I want to try these, they look gorgeous!

  • BeautyJudy

    That creme shadow looks really nice. I’ve tried and love the lipstick. I’m always a little skeptical though about statements like “a botanical-infused Soft-Focus Complex” lol! What does that even mean, lol?! What is the actual ingredient? Sometimes we get killed with flowery language from these brands!

  • Anastasia

    My Walmart STILL doesn’t carry Flower, I’ve been dying to try them, as well.

  • I love the gold!

  • Very very pretty look!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Last trip to WMT, I spent some time at the shelf and ending up not buying anything from Flower Beauty. But reading your review, I will definitely give it a try. I love the sound of the blush and the shade you picked. I am a real fan of cream shadows so I will try that as well. tyvm for a great review

  • Looks great on you! I have a mascara that I haven’t tried yet. I want to try the eyeshadow

  • I haven’t seen this brand!! You look so pretty like always!

  • Pammy Blogs Beauty

    You look lovely! I have always wanted to try Flower cosmetics because I love Drew Barrymore. I must go get that blush! So pretty!

  • Amber

    I love the easy glowy look you have! I have a couple of the long wearing liners and they are amazing. Better than UD24/7. Seriously!! I have been eyeing the blush and an eyeshadow quad that was recommended. 🙂

  • Ange

    This shade looks gorgeous on you. I haven’t tried much from the Flower line yet but I like what I see.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    You are one hot mama, woot woot! Boo my local Walmart, up to now, I haven’t spotted Flower. I’m throwing tantrums, LOL!!!

  • That blush is so pretty!

  • I LOVE Your Look! I have only tried a lipstick from them but want to try more. My local Walmart doesn’t have this brand so I have to order online but I hear so many awesome things.

  • I realllllllly need to try this brand

  • Kelly R

    Super look! I don’t normally like cream shadows. But that color is amazing!

  • I love that eye look! This line is at ONE Walmart nearby, the rest don’t carry it. I really need to grab a few items!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    I love all the colors you chose!

  • Betzy Carmona

    They totally compliment you ! I have been wanting to try Flower for so long now.

  • This made me sad because my walmart freakin sucks and doesn’t carry Flower (or hard candy, for that matter)!!!!

  • I’ve always looked at the Flower line, but never picked any up. I think I need to now!

  • Noelle

    I love Drew! The packaging is so gorgeous and that cream – oh my!

  • I’ll definitely have to check out the lipstick!

  • myCosmeticBag

    gorgeous makeup look, you look beautiful! i had no idea drew barrymore had her own line.

  • I’ve been curious about this line, but haven’t picked it up. Glad to know it isn’t just another line with a celebrity name on it, but something she’s really invested her ideas in!

  • kSquaredGlamour

    i have been wanting to try some of this line out. I think I need to pick up some next time I am there!

  • Judith Hall

    LOVE the cheeks and the lips, they look beautiful on you. Not sure about the eyeshadow, might be a bit too shimmery.

  • Charlotte

    I purchased a Flower double take eye marker and Creme eye shadow in steel recently. No info on any ingredients. Never had any problems with any eye shadow till this one. Something in it burned my eyelids and the chemicals got into my eyes. So I went to eye dr and he gave me steroid drops for bacterial infection. Could NOT find any company address or info so I filed report with Wal-mart today. All that glitters is definitely not gold or good.

  • Hi, I read your Blog. It’s Lovely Colors. Is it Flowers Foundation are Else any Chemical is mixed in this foundation Can I get the Clarity?

  • MissyEllyBell

    I surprisingly wasn’t really sold on this line after my initial tests- I used the pressed powder, a lip chubby, a lipstick, and two creme shadows and overall I found it to be pretty much average, and for the prices per item I have to admit that I expected better. I ended up just getting the slightly cheaper Hard Candy that I usually go with and passing the Flower products down to a younger sibling- I don’t have time to fix creased cremes and fading lipsticks haha, I need a brand with a bit more stay-put power.

    • MissyEllyBell

      However I do have to say that the colors she went with are spectacular, and I wish that it’d been a more high quality product because I swear I’d have bought about 90% of the line simply because of how hard it is to find blushes, creme shadows, and lip colors that won’t look terribly tacky against my fair skin- if it had been made to match it’s price, I bet that the creme shadows would have SLAYED.

  • Sara Alicea

    I love their lip glosses, nail polishes, and lip butters!

  • Isolde Nightingale

    The eye shadow is amazing. I love the Good as Marigold.?

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