How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig

Today I am copying beyonce and busting out my alter ego: Kendra Fierce. She has long and luscious dark hair curtosy of LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™, smouldering dark eyes, and confidence that turns heads because she knows what she wants…and she’s not afraid to go after it. Do you have an alter ego?

If I am being completely honest, I am very much a  “what you see is what you get” type of a person, so I was  pretty bad at putting on my alter-ego.  I really did try to take some pictures that made me look all beyonce/sascha/kendra fierce. But what ended up coming out in my pics was a total cheerleader. Dang it! (Well, I tried)

Besides my fail of an alter-ego, my first experience with a legit wig did not fail me. This was a fun blog post to do, I hope you guys like my transformation using the LUXHAIR™ NOW™ wig by Sherri Shepherd™.

Full LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™  Review style How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig



Brand Overview: “LUXHAIR™ brings us Hollywood’s “best kept beauty secret.” Like putting on your most stylish shoes and more powerful than a red lipstick, LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™ high-fashion styles are sure to add some fabulous to your everyday. With a variety of lace front styles that give the appearance of natural hair growth, allow for styling away from the face and heat friendly fiber— these wigs stand up to heat and humidity, offer styling options, look, feel, and move like real hair. Each style is available in a wide range of color offerings, one to match every shade or to achieve the new shade of your desire. All products feature the extraordinaryLUXHAIR™ Keralon® heat-friendly synthetic fiber — these fashionable and transformational wigs look, and feel, like the hair of your dreams!”

First Impressions: Wow, this lace front wig is really gorgeous. I actually had no idea that it wasn’t human hair until I looked it up on-line. Impressive. Since I have only ever tried wigs from the a halloween shop that cost me like $5.00, the details of the LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™ was really impressive. I liked how it has the tabs to help secure the wig on, and I love, love, love the lace front. It makes wigs look so much more natural. 

Price Tag: Around $77.00 for the Goddess Waves Lace Front

how to put on the luxnow hair wig by sherri shephard How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig


Like I said in the pic. above, I am kind of lazy and I probably should have braided my hair. But I figure since my hair is thin(ish), I could pull it back into a slick and flat bun instead. Doing that seemed to work fine for me.


Review of LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™  How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig


My Thoughts: It’s a bummer that Kendra Fierce kind of got taken over by Kendra cheerleader. But other than that, I think that this looks pretty natural on me. I think I could have cut the lace front just a tiny bit more so that it looked even more natural, but it really doesn’t bother me. The only thing that was a little annoying is that the hair kept flying in my face and sticking. Now, I understand that’s what happens when you have a full head of beautiful locks. I am just not use to it so I found it to be annoying. With that said, I loooved having long, thick hair. I would say that the trade off was worth it.


review of the LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd™ Goddess Waves How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig


Alright…there is Kendra Fierce. I found her.


Overall Thoughts & Opinions

Well, this was definitely one of my fave. posts to do. While I kind of freaked my husband out when he saw me (I didn’t tell him I was doing that..ha), he liked the look a whole lot. Maybe I should bust out Kendra Fierce more often. I am sure he would appreciate that..just sayin.

And…back to myself again…

WIG18 How to Change Your Hair Color Fast With a Lace Front Wig

Well, kind of….

Have you tried a lace front wig before? You can check out this collection on


Kendra A.K.A Kendra Fierce

note* These products were given to me from a PR company for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

  • Shipra Taneja

    Holy moly, you look smoking! I think it brings out your eyes! Gorgeous both ways, though! <3

  • Norah Salazar

    I’ve never used hairpieces on myself but I do with clients, they really change a look and are fun to play with!

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    Maybe I should bust out Kendra Fierce more often. I am sure he would appreciate that..just sayin.

  • MandyREverson

    What a great way to look fab when you don’t have time for a blowout.

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