How to Survive in a Pinterest Perfect World

Pinterest Perfect world How to Survive in a Pinterest Perfect World


If you are new here to Citizens of Beauty, you will find that on Saturday’s we step away from talking makeup and skincare and focus on a topic that will help with our self-confidence. We are calling this “Self-Confidence Saturday”. Last week, we talked about how to deal with anxiety and today we are continuing with that post and also talking about how to be okay with being you in a Pinterest-Perfect world.


So, let’s start with social media. Honestly, we had so much pressure on ourselves already, and then Pinterest and Instagram came along, allowing people to show off pretty pictures of a seemingly pretty life. So, thank you Pinterest for telling me that a simple birthday cake from a box is not enough for my 1 year olds birthday party. I now have to make 19 million cute party favors, a healthy dessert bar with chalkboard labels, and on top of that, have monogrammed everything.


My biggest issue with social media (although, I am on it every day for work and life), in general, is that it’s so easy to always put your best foot forward. In 5 seconds you can snap a picture and blast to the world your pretty food, home, car, kids, husband, dog, work-space, makeup, fashion… you get the point. But is it always that pretty? Doubtful. Why can’t we share the messiness too? Oh wait, because then people would say you are over-sharing and un-follow you. Riiight.


Why are we always hiding the mess? Life is messy. I am thankful my mom taught me that if people want to come to my home, they should expect that we actually live there. So yes, there will most likely be dishes in the sink and *gasp, toys on the floor.  Real life isn’t perfect or pretty all of the time and you can’t be good at everything. There will always be something falling through the cracks no matter how hard you try.


For me, the best way that I have been able to handle the pressures of living in a world that blasts perfection is to celebrate the gifting’s that other people have without expecting it of myself. Maybe you are good at doing makeup (me), but terrible at nail art (me). Maybe you can make a pretty and tasty dinner out of your organic garden in the backyard, but you are awful at sewing. Or, maybe you are an artist, but you are the worst cook in the world. Perhaps you have 10 kids and still have rock hard abs, but putting together an outfit like Caraloren ends ups looking like a tornado hit only you. That doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t try to achieve those things if you want, but it does mean that if you and I fail, and it all goes to crap, we need to be okay with it and not be jealous of other peoples gifting. We need to learn to celebrate our own and know that we can’t be everything.


So with that said, here are 3 things to think about the next time you venture onto your pretty Pinterest boards and Instagram account that will help you survive a Pinterest-Perfect world.


1. You are following hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that all have different talents that are all putting their best foot forward at the same time. You can’t be 100 or 1,000 different people. You are you.

2. Maybe someone posted a pretty food pic, but keep in mind that they probably didn’t post their kitchen disaster or the fight that they had with their spouse or friend or boyfriend or girlfriend, 5 seconds before they finally got that pretty pic.

3. It’s much easier to post about your triumphs than your failures. Pinterest and Instagram wouldn’t be as popular if people were always posting pictures of cluttered spaces, bad makeup, and terrible food recipes. These are suppose to be places of inspiration. So let them be just simply be that: inspiration and not self-annihilation over what you can’t do.


So what are you good at? What gifts and talents do you have that make you your unique self?  Celebrate those today!




note*Nothing to disclose today.

  • Amber

    Kendra – I love this series!! Thank you for making me feel better about things. Seriously, you did. I don’t know if I am pms-ing or what but I’ve been really hard on myself today without even being aware. xoxo

    • Kendra Stanton

      honestly, I am so glad! Thank you for reading Amber! I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat on these things.

  • MyBeautyJunction

    Great post! This is why I have been holding back from beginning a food blog – I cannot “present” or arrange things nicely to save my life and living alone as a student-and-working-woman has led to downing things from baking trays rather than even plating food. It is also why I am very iffy about sharing my eye looks; I get so much grief for it and the latest compliment was that I am “frog-like”. However, I have decided to plod on and share my fails, h@ng what people think!

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