Review-Benefit Bad Gal Lash & Blinc Mascara

After yesterday’s amazing experience with the Makeup Forever’s Smoky Lash, I am sad to announce two mascara fails. They both just didn’t work out for me. Even the after pictures look sad, I almost didn’t want to put them up on the video.

Here is me being honest with you. Benefits Bad Gal lash was beautiful up front, then awful after two hours. Then the next day I checked out the Blinc mascara which I though would be intriguing. Blinc would be great for someone who likes a very natural finish because you simple cant layer this product at all.  Plus my lashes looked more like black sticks and they were super crunchy.

To hear more about my thoughts….check out my video. If you like it- please be lovely and share the goods.

Can someone tell me why these YOUTUBE video’s display at the most awkward moment?? Makes me laugh…

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  •  My facial expression is a fail though too. Yuck ; )

  • Rhonda

    Love your site.  Thanks for doing all the work for me, so I don’t waste the cash.  BTW, sat a few rows behind you on Sunday…LOVED your skirt. 

    • You are welcome Rhonda! Next time you are two rows back…hop up two rows and say hello : )