Review: Lancome Definicils HD Mascara


Alright- so as you can all tell, I have not exactly stuck to my mascara review every day thing! But I am going to double up on reviews so that I can make up for it. Today I will do two mascara reviews, so stay tuned because later on today, there will be another one. Also you will notice that the two today are not going to be done via video blog. I unfortunately just don’t have the time to do that today! So here we go!

The first review is on the Lancome Definicils High Def Mascara. I had many, many people tell me I should do a review on Lancome mascaras. So let’s check it out together.

***This brush has slightly separated rows of bristles which help you to get these nice and defined lashes. I really felt that this is exactly what I got with this brush as you can notice in the photos below.



Here is the before picture which you have all probably seen. You can also see that I have zero lashes, I have purposefully refrained from using any lash boosting serums during this time.


Wow- First layer I was so impressed. Check out how much volume and length I got with just one coat! I also noticed that it separated my lashes beautifully. I hate having to go through with a comb and separate, I just don’t have the time, so this is a big deal to me.


As you can see from the results of this second layer, I was incredibly happy! It was very easy to build this second layer, and no crunch factor. My lashes were still separating without having to comb through which made me a happy mascara snob.


I had this mascara on all day- so from 8am until around 11pm. Literally it stayed the same way all day long. I was also in warm weather all day and did lots of checks to see if there was any smudging, smearing, and fall out. But there was none! It also did a great job of holding my curl and not weighing my lashes down. I am very happy and excited about this one.

Cost and Value

This mascara is $25.00 which I think is kind of expensive. But it is worth skipping my addiction to coffee and stashing some extra  cash away to save up for. I am kinda of obsessed with this one.


Your Thoughts?

Have you tried this mascara? Share your thoughts and give us your review!

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  • NatalieWeaver

    I LOVE Lancome Definicils mascara. I’ve literally been using it since high school, and I love the way it stays on all day with no flaking or smudging. It’s the mascara I always go back to when I’m not wearing lash extensions. I’ve found one mascara I like just as much(Xtreme), so I alternate between the two.

    • Rose_amyd

      What brand is Xtreme? 

      • Xtreme lash is the lash extensions that stay on for two weeks or so.

    • Yeah I was so thrilled to see the results! It really does last all day! Fantastic..

  • Carilyn

    The visual really helps! $25 feels a little steep though. How long does a good mascara usually last?

    • A good mascara should last all day without a hitch. Plus it should do exactly what it says it should! 25 is steep for sure, that is why I usually buy drugstore brands. I was just really impressed with this mascara.

  • This looks awesome! Does it come in a lighter shade?

  • Ana Nunez

    This takes me back….this was my go to mascara for years!!!   It’s a goodie:)  Probably should have it again in my collection!

    • I really loved this mascara! It made my lashes look fantastic! Will continue using it for sure.