Best Glow in the Dark Makeup

Hey guys! If you are looking for the best glow in the dark makeup for halloween or a fun glow-in-the-dark party, I have a suggestion for you: Make Up For Ever Fluo Night. It comes in a powder form, and works perfectly over the top of any eyeshadow or makeup design you already have created. I used this glow in the dark makeup for on on-air makeup segment, and then also for my book, 500 Eye Makeup Designs. 

This glow in the dark eye makeup is found at a Make Up For Ever boutique only,  but there are other versions of glow in the dark makeup that are similar. According to several other makeup artist friends, Mehron carries some UV light makeup that is really good. While I haven’t tried this from Mehron yet, I do know that they are a leading cosmetic brand amongst FX artists.

best glow in the dark makeup


When I say glow in the dark, I really mean that it works under a black light. I don’t know of any makeup that actually glows in the dark without a black light; if you find something, let me know! Currently there are four colors to choose from by Make Up For Ever, and I think that the white black light pigment is best for going over any makeup. With that said, if you are wanting some neon glowing makeup, the other shades are pretty awesome.

Make Up For Ever Fluo Night UV Makeup


Glowing Makeup Looks

As you know, I recently launched a book, 500 Eye Makeup Designs, and actually used these products to create a few of my looks. I just created my eye makeup design, and then patted the UV Makeup onto the areas of my eyes that I wanted to glow. You do need to be careful with the fall-out of these eyeshadows though since they are a powder. I would suggest testing how your face looks in black light so you can sweep away any unwanted UV eyeshadow off before hitting a black-light-lit-party.

how to get a glow in the dark UV Makeup


how to get a black light eye makeup design using a UV Makeup

I really found the Make Up For Ever Fluo Night to be the easiest and best glow in the dark makeup. Have you found anything else similar that you have tried and love? Share in the comments below!




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  • Aleya Bamdad

    I love all of the looks that you created here- especially the turquoise lashes.

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  • Amber

    That’s so cool! How much fun would that be on Halloween night trick or treating with the kids!?

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  • erikatheicyone

    I have never done gitd makeup. If it is as “easy” as gitd polish top coat, I’m screwed. LOL

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  • cindyprimebeauty

    That is sooooo cool!

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    This is soooo cool! I love everything glow in the dark!

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    This is over the top amazing! NEED!

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