Neutrogena Rainbath: Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Review

Did you know that today is national BUBBLE BATH day? Forget Christmas and all of the other amazing holidays, I am celebrating this one to its fullest because I am a bubble bath junkie. I love taking bubble baths because it’s my time to have peace and quiet whilst soaking in an outrageous amount of bubbles. I like to basically just dump in the bubble bath….the more the merrier. Anyone else feel me on that?

Neutrogena Rainbath review Neutrogena Rainbath: Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Review


So in honor of this highly anticipated day, Neutrogena sent me their brand new rainbath renewing shower and bath gel in Pear & Green Tea and it smells delicious.  I love how you can pump it into your bath and that it gives you a lot of bubble with just a few pumps. It also left my skin feeling really hydrated and not stripped in the least. Oh, and this rather large sized bottle is only around $8.99

Additional Company Info:

•Rich, moisturizing lather rises clean

•Fragrance blend of antioxidant rich pear and green tea

•Light-weight formula

•Cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue


Neutrogena rainbath Neutrogena Rainbath: Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Review


Taking baths are a rare occasion for me since I have very little free time with two babes running around. Even when I do get that epic moment, I can’t guarantee I won’t see tiny fingers reaching under the door for me to hurry up….I suppose I need some good ear-plugs. So in addition to now adding earplugs as an essential to my bubble baths, here are my other three: 1) the bubbles 2) a good smelling candle 3) a glass of red wine. With this combo I can basically go into a self-induced coma and clear my brain for a while.


How are you celebrating the oh-so-anticipated, national BUBBLE BATH day (who comes up with this stuff)? Or…how do you unwind?




note* I was given this product from a PR company, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

  • Amy Orvin

    I unwind with a long hot bubble bath! Love them!!

    • Kendra Stanton

      girls of the same heart. Bubble baths are amazing…