Pain Free Laser Hair Removal- Alma Soprano Laser Demo plus Q&A


I don’t believe I have ever shared that I work at a medical spa one day a week with you guys. I have worked with lasers for about 7ish years, mainly hair removal lasers. If you have ever had it done to you, you know that most laser feel like a large rubber-band snapping you at every pulse. Recently, my spa got a new laser called the Alma Soprano which I was extremely skeptical of when we were first testing it out. How could a laser work if it is didn’t feel torturous? But to my surprise, as I did my first laser treatment with the Soprano, it just felt like a warm rock massage….seriously!

So I thought it would be really awesome to show off to you all me getting it done as well as a short Q&A with the spa manager and laser expert. In addition to all of this, they wanted to offer you all (if you live in this area) a really killer deal, Groupon low pricing from now until the February 2nd 2012. Below the video you can find the special pricing with the contact info for the spa.


Extremely Low Special Pricing:

call- 503.617.6995 and ask for Kendra, Kelli, Shelly or Chelsea.

Small area-6 treatments: $99.00 (underarms, bikini, chin, lip, sideburns)

Medium area-6 treatments: $149.00 (brazilian, lower leg, upper leg, lower arm, upper arm, lower back, upper back, lower stomach, chest, shoulders, face)

Large area- 6 treatments: $199.00 (full legs, full arms, full chest, full back)

(it’s ridiculously low pricing… I know)

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  • Amy

    Where is your spa?

  • Great video – its all well and easy people saying that it doesnt hurt, however having a video of yourself getting laser hair removal by the Alma Soprano shows that it really does work the way you described.

    • Thanks Sarah! It really is so painless and I am thrilled to have something done that doesn’t feel like torture! Let me know how it goes for you when you do it! Have a great day and thanks for your comment!

  • Jill

    It’s AHHHHH-MAZING!!! Love it and 2nd best thing I’ve done for myself!!!!¬†

    • yay! I am so glad that you are getting good results….makes me happy : )

  • Kath

    Just happened to see this on Facebook.  Is it still possible to get this deal?

  • Swathigavini

    is this deal available right now

    • no, it ended a while back! I am sorry! Thanks for your comment though!