Philip B Round Brush For a DIY Blowout

Who would have thought that the Philip B round brush would  change how I do do my hair every day. For a good hair blowout, you usually need to go hit up a salon and have a pro take charge. But with the Philip B round brush, you get to be the pro.

Philip B Round Brush Review

First Glance: I have never owned a round brush like this before, but I have had one used on my hair at a high-end salon in Portland, OR. I only say that because I was very intrigued by how she was using the brush on my hair  (which I will get to when you read further down).

Philip B Round Brush Review 1Brand Overview: This is a Nylon-reinforced, first-cut boar bristles that won’t snag or tangle. It has ultra-dense bristles that  leave your hair soft, smooth, and bouncy. This brush is made with sustainable mahogany and has an ergonomic handle for your comfort in 3 different sizes.

Price Tag: $75.00


How to Use a Round BrushHow To: Because this has super packed bristles made from first-cut boar, is does a phenomenal job of easily getting under the hair and lifting the root. When my hair had a blowout using this type of round brush, my hair stylist used it to lift the hair away from my scalp and getting it warm with the blow-dryer, then left it there while she dried other parts of my hair. Doing that gave my hair the best volume ever.

So I did the same thing on my friend above when I did her Makeover Monday post; her hair turned out amazing.

How to use a round brush 2

Thoughts + Opinions

Upside: Alright, it’s about to me story time here on Citizens of Beauty. A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a conference for an entire week. Now, being the beauty-product-hoarder that I am, you would think that I would be well stocked. Well my friends, I seemed to have packed everything except for my flat-iron; my personal must-have for any traveling I do. Fortunately for me, I remembered that I did bring my Philip B round brush that I was going to test over the week for my review. Let me tell you, it was a hair-saver for me. My fully-fried-hair that usually desperately needs a flat-iron to tame the frizz (not to mention I was in Dallas, TX…humidity central), turned out amazing with only using the round brush for a good DIY blowout.

Downside: Well, I am not going to skip over the fact that this is an expensive hairbrush that isn’t for everyone. But I am also not going to skip over the fact that it is a very well made round brush that worked better for my hair than any other one I have used. It also saved my hair from a ton of heat damage…so that is a major plus! If you are vegan, you are not going to want to use this brush as it is made with bore bristles. 

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