Fall Beauty: DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Recipe


If you are a pumpkin lover like I am, then you are going to love this simple DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Mask that I conjure up every year around the holidays. And, since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and pumpkin is everywhere, you are more than likely to already have every ingredient needed in your kitchen already.


Why Pumpkin? If you have ever been to a spa around the holiday season, you will notice that a lot of seasonal facials include a pumpkin mask and it’s not just because it smells good.  Pumpkin is a natural enzyme that helps to dissolve dead skin cells leaving it soft and illuminated.  It also it packed with anti-aging beta-carotene (vitamin A), and anti-oxidants; both essential to keep your skin looking young and glowing.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask recipe



 DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Recipe

1 TBS of Organic Pumpkin Puree from a can

1 Tsp of Organic honey (anti-bacterial and hydrating)

1 Tsp of Organic plain Greek yogurt (contains lactic acid for exfoliation)


Directions: Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and apply to damp skin for around 10 minutes then remove with a cloth. Feeling a tingling sensation is normal, and simply means you are getting a good exfoliation. For even better results, apply this DIY Pumpkin enzyme mask to damp skin and sit in the shower allowing the steam to activate the enzyme.

Do this enzyme mask weekly and make sure to make a new batch each time to ensure the quality.

I hope you all enjoy this pumpkin enzyme!






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