Mask Recipe: Honey and Yogurt


Well this is not really a recipe, it’s more of a discovery! I have a small addiction to the ZOI Honey Yogurt for many reasons. It is un-like any yogurt I have ever had, it tastes more like ice-cream, and probably should be categorized as such since the fat count is kind of high. Which is probably the reason why I like it so much as that is usually how those thing’s tend to go.

Well, since I am an esthetician (along with a slew of other titles) I am always looking for way’s to be creative with skin care. So as I was taking a bite of my delicious yogurt today, a thought popped in my head, “I bet this would be a great mask!” So yes- the remainder of that yogurt did end up slathered onto my face for two reasons. 1) honey is very hydrating to the skin. 2) The lactic acid in yogurt helps to soothe, tighten, and exfoliate the skin.

Think about it this way, you are getting a “2 for 1” deal here that is extremely cheap, around $4.00 total for a gigantic tub of yogurt that doubles as a lovely mask. If you are wondering how my skin felt post mask- it was tight, soft and a tiny bit pink around the orbital bone. This would be perfect for someone who has dry, aging, or acne prone skin. So essentially anyone could (and should) try this out!

How To Use It?


Just simply open up the container and scoop out a spoonful, then apply to the face like a normal mask. The consistency of the yogurt is rather thick, but once it hits the skin it melts down to a very thin layer. Leave on the skin for approximately 15 minutes then remove with warm water. If you feel any burning, take it off immediately! I did however feel a tiny tingle, but nothing that cause alarm.


This is definitely the most flattering photo of me to date, Don’t you think? Well- you get the idea of what it look likes on the skin…a bit messy! But after it is off and the remnants of “honey-yogurt” is gone, you can enjoy soft and pretty skin that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get.¬† So….Enjoy, and please leave me a comment if you have tried this before, I would love your take!

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  • I buy greek yogurt every week at the grocery store. I wonder if the 0% fat version would have as good of an effect. I know it has a good effect on my waist line. You should try the 0% and just add honey to it. It doesn’t taste any different than the higher fat percentage IMO.¬† I eat that stuff like ice cream too!