Dark Sultry Eyeshadow Tutorial and Makeup Look

Dark, sultry and smoky eyes are on my mind today. With Valentines Day coming up, this sexy makeup look is exactly what’s on my menu for our annual love fest celebration because, well, Ezra and I are totally that couple (don’t judge me). But if you aren’t a V. Day fan, and heart shaped candies make you kind of want to gag, the gorgeous black, purple, and bronze eyeshadow colors in this eye makeup design can be worn another day….like the day after. So, pin this easy step-by-step eyeshadow tutorial to your must-have-makeup, Pinterest board, for immediate or future reference


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Dark eye makeup with thick winged liner and fluffy false lashes

For this pretty makeup look, I am reverting back to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette that I used in this makeup tutorial here. If you don’t have this palette, stop everything and get it. It smells like a literal candy bar, and, more importantly the colors are versatile and the pigment is stunning. Truthfully, I forgot how much I love this makeup palette…so expect more makeup tutorials using it.

If you want to create this makeup look, you totally can. Just follow my instructions and you will be on your way to putting on your hot mama, alter-ego, self. Just make sure you have this palette ($49 at Sephora or $49 and 20% off your first order at Toofaced.com when you enter your email) or something that has similar colors, a black eyeliner, and the right makeup brushes.


how to use the Too Faced Chocolate Bar with a Tutorial

If you want to create this makeup look, you totally can. Just follow my instructions and you will be on your way to putting on your hot mama, alter-ego, self. Just make sure you have this palette or something that has similar colors, a black matte eyesahdow, black eyeliner, and the right makeup brushes.


gorgeous dark and smoky eye makeup design with thick wing liner and false lashes

Get The Look:

Step 1: Prime your eyes with the Urban Decay Potion Primer (always the first step). (Found at Sephora Here)

Step 2: Press Black Forest Truffle onto your full lower eyelid. Make sure to press, not sweep.

Step 3: In small circular motion, apply Salted Carmel to the crease of your eye with the one makeup brush you need, an eyeshadow blender brush. Then, blend a basic black eyeshadow also into the crease of the eye for added depth. (side note: your chocolate bar eyeshadow palette does not have a black eyeshadow…but your Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 does…so snatch that, or any other matte black eyeshadow out and use it.)

Step 4: Sweep Champagne truffle under your brow bown to blend out any harsh lines. Then, with an angled eyeliner brush or smudge brush, sweep the same color under your lower lash-line.

Step 5: Use a liquid liner to the perfect winged tip line and follow these eyliner instructions here.

Step 6: Apply your mascara. In the shot below, I have false lashes on and layered the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara over the top to make my eyes look..over the top.

LIPS: I just used the Naked lipgloss in Walk of Shame.


Dark sultry eye makeup tutorial with thick winged liner and fluffy false lashes

Who Can Wear This Look? You can…

Don’t be scared because this eye makeup design has colors in it. If you have brown eyes, it’s perfect for you because it is a complimentary color of the color wheel (getting back to the basics). If you have green eyes, it will look bad a**. If you have blue eyes, it will still look amazing on you because you are pulling in that bronze color, and bronze compliments a blue eye color like none other.

The only way this makeup look would look bad on you is if you a) didn’t follow my insturctions b) didn’t follow my insructions…and c) just decided to not follow my instrucitons. Clear enough? And as always, if you have questions…you can always access me here in the comment section, on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram. Also, lately snapchat (@citizenbeauty) has been my thing.


dark eyes makeup tutoiral featuring the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Like I said, if you have questions about this dark sultry eyeshadow design and makeup look, or any other, please ask!



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