Creative Holiday Gift: How to Make a Beauty Sample Box

Give a creative holiday gift this season and learn how to make a beauty sample box with a personalized touch. During the year, I stockpile all of the beauty samples and gifts with purchase that I have received from Sephora and Ulta for the purpose of gifting them during the Christmas season. With that said, I don’t just toss them all together in a bag and throw a bow on it; I want the “wow” factor. Everyone loves a pretty package that looks like it’s from a high-end boutique, so that’s what we are going to make happen.

Want to know how to make a beauty sample box? Check out my steps below and get your holiday gifting creativity mind on.


regifting beauty samples4

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 to 4 beauty deluxe size samples
  • 1 small paper-mache box
  • bubble wrap or tissue
  • handful of feathers
  • ribbon, lace, cut shoe-string, or twine (something to tie box with)
  • dried flowers
  • chalkboard label


making your own beauty sample box gift



  • Fill paper mache box almost up to the top with bubble wrap or tissue paper
  • Sprinkle feathers over the top for a plush and high-end look
  • Add your deluxe size beauty samples inside of the box and put the lid on
  • Tie a cut shoestring around the box and knot it at the top
  • Place dried flowers (or another fun embellishment) under the cut shoe string
  • Lastly, add a chalkboard label


In the end, you should have an adorable handmade beauty sample box that you can leave as is, or add a gift card too! I am off to do a bit more holiday decorating…I am so excited that Christmas is almost here! Anyone else?

I am off to do a bit more holiday decorating…I am so excited that Christmas is almost here! Anyone else?



note- there are affiliate links within this post. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Kendra, that’s a lovely gift. And great samples to include. What a great idea!

    • Thanks girl! I am so glad that you liked it! I had a ton of fun doing it…

  • What a perfect gift!

  • This is so genius & perfect!

  • It’s the perfect gift! You should be my secret santa 😉

  • cindyprimebeauty

    Such a great idea & fun to make! Am I on your gift list? 🙂

  • Anastasia

    What an amazing idea!

  • erikatheicyone

    What a lovely little gift and creative way to package it all up.

  • I wish I was on your Christmas list! Kendra, I’ve been a very naug…uh, I mean a good girl?

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Great suggestion Kendra. I have loadssss of feathers here waiting for a great DIY like this!

  • You are so creative – I love how this turned out!

  • Cute gift idea!

  • thank you for sharing this… this is a great idea.

  • cute idea!!

  • Very pretty! I am going to pick up that perfume soon!

  • Angela Sherman

    This is a great idea for the holiday

  • Mai

    Oh man this is such a smart idea! I end up with so many samples and never really know how to give them away

  • Betzy Carmona

    That’s a great gift

  • Justina

    This is such an awesome and creative gift. I would love to be the recipient of a gift like this!

  • I’ve been making my own little beauty gift bags and boxes for my friends for years, long before they were actually a business thing. My loved ones that get them are terrible at buying pretties for themselves even though they always want them so it just became tradition that I would buy them things they would like and compile it for them.

    It really is a great idea and it’s so personal. I love the tutorial you created.