The Beauty Army-Choose Your Own Beauty Samples!

I am the first to say that I like to “try before I buy.” Rarely do I purchase something on impulse unless it is a killer deal at a very deep discount. Call me cheap…but growing up in a family of 6 kids will do that to you. So when these beauty sample boxes started popping up, at first I was intrigued, then excited because I got to try items that were expensive at a very low price. But the problem I am finding now is that it feels like I am accumulating a pile of stuff I am just not going to use. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun to get a box and not know what’s inside- but it’s a huge disappointment when everything inside is everything you don’t want.

I am not writing all of this to be a complete “Debbie Downer,” on the contrary I am writing this because I am so very excited that there is another option coming our way very soon! Let me introduce to you The Beauty Army, a new way to try before you buy. Instead of someone choosing what they think would be best for you, YOU get to choose 6 items that you are wanting to try out for just $12.00 a month and no shipping fee! Plus- they have teamed up with 4 beauty experts that I have a complete industry crush on: Victoria Stiles, Orlando Santiago, Jon Hennessy, and Kim Bosso. So hurry and go to their website (it is in Beta Mode) and sign up for their email update about their launch date!

Oh yeah- and last but not least…yours truly got to do their first guest vlogger video of which I am so excited to share with you all! I am very honored that I got the opportunity, thanks Beauty Army!

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  • alisoncharles85

    Nice tutorial.  I can never get the smoky eye thing to look nice on me…not sure why.  New to the blogging world but feel free to swing by my site  Following you on GFC & Twitter…hope to see you following back soon hehe…looking forward to more tutorials.

    • Practice makes perfect with the smoky look- welcome to the blogging world!

  • I’m your newest follower from the weekend blog hop, looking forward to checking out your blog. Hope you follow back!

    • Thank you for stopping by! Look forward to checking out your blog as well!

  • Allibug12

     Check the expiration dates on any products from BeautyArmy. 3 of the 6 I got were short-dated. One expired the month I got it. BeautyArmy was not very helpful about it. There are too many monthly beauty subscriptions out there to belong to one that sends items out that are not fresh.

    • Ugh..that does not sound good! I am so sorry! I use Birchbox and The Look Bag for my beauty subscription. Love them both…