Best Light Bulbs for Makeup Artists

Having good light bulbs is essential to applying makeup. As a makeup artist, it is my job to have the best light bulbs for makeup application for myself and for clients. Having the wrong lighting can greatly effect the colors you choose to apply since some lights are more warm and some are cool. So, I am going to show you the best light bulbs for makeup artist to use and what professional lighting fixtures you need to apply cosmetics.

best light bulbs for makeup artist to have

Best Light Bulbs for Makeup Artists

When you are looking for professional makeup lighting for cosmetic application, you need to consider the type of light bulbs you will be using. Are they the correct coloring? What kind of lights do you want for you makeup application and where will they be?Will your lights be in a stationary place, or do they need to be mobile. For myself, I have light bulbs for my makeup station that I keep in my studio or bathroom and professional travel lights with bulbs built in for when I am applying cosmetics on clients. Both are generally needed as a makeup artist.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing lights and light bulbs for makeup:

  • Mimicks the natural tones of daylight
  • Can be diffused to diminish harshness
  • Gives even lighting for better makeup application

Choose a Natural Light for Makeup

best natural lights for applying makeup as a makeup artist

Having the best light bulbs for makeup artists is essential to the outcome of how the makeup looks. When you are looking for the correct light bulbs for application, you want to make sure that they are as close to daylight as possible. With that said, you need your lights to be diffused so that you can create a flawless makeup look. Two of my favorite light bulbs to use are  the EcoSmart 23w LED Daylight and the GE Reveal Daylight; both need to be diffused. One option is to place it inside a can light fixture and hook it onto either side of a large mirror for balanced lighting.

Professional Makeup Lighting Fixtures with Light Bulbs

If you want to keep everything simplified, choose a lighting system for makeup that is consistent and works everytime. Here are a few professional lighting makeup set ups for you to consider to help you along in your makeup application.

best light bulbs for makeup artistsDIVA RING: The Diva Ring light system already has the one of the best light bulbs for makeup artists included. What’s so great about this lighting system is that is works for on the go, or can be used in studio. In addition to using it while appying makeup to clients, it’s the perfect light for taking pictures for your blog or for filming your latest Makeup Tutorial on Youtube. $229

best lighting for makeup artists

GLAMCORE LIGHT CLASSIC ELITE: GlamCore Light Classic Elite has light bulbs built in with even and flattering lighting. Makeup artist are obsessed with this lighting set for makeup sets and for doing personal makeup application. If you are a wedding makeup artist, you need this. $250

Best vanity lighting for makeup artists

IMPRESSIONS VANITY: Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Lighted Make-Up Vanity Back Stage Mirror, is good to have if you are wanting professional lighting in a makeup studio. It is transportable, however, I would suggest just getting a lighting set up that travels really well like the above options. $299


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