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red lip beauty trend for 2015

5 Time-Saving Beauty Trends for 2015

If you are like me, finding time-saving beauty trends is essential to everyday life. Thankfully, 2015 has a few beauty trends that will make our get ready time cut down,…

winter beauty staples

6 Winter Beauty Staples

I am not a winter person at all. I can tell winter is here when: my face gets dryer, whiter, I pack on a few pounds, and somehow forget to…

how to get a glow in the dark UV Makeup

Best Glow in the Dark Makeup

Hey guys! If you are looking for the best glow in the dark makeup for halloween or a fun glow-in-the-dark party, I have a suggestion for you: Make Up For…

The best cosmetic and makeup tools products to get glowing skin.

Glowing Skin Beauty Essentials

Having skin that glows is the proverbial holy grail of the beauty industry. We all want it for different reasons, but mostly because glowing skin radiates youth and health, and…

Smokey brown eyeshadow design using the Milani drugstore eyeshadows

The Review: Milani Eyeshadows

This week I did a drugstore beauty run and came home with a few gel Milani eyeshadows based off of recommendations from some trusted beauty blogging friends.  Since there are…