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How to mother three kids

Mothering three Is Harder Than One

“Mothering three is harder than one,” said a seasoned mom to the newbie—me. In my mind, my response was something snarky like, “blah, blah, blah, hold my child that’s screaming—your…

how to airbrush your eyeshadow on with luminess air

How to Airbrush Your Eyeshadow

Sponsored Learn to airbrush your eyeshadow using the Luminess Air airbrushing system. As a makeup artist and a consumer, I can easily use an airbrush machine not only to give…

freckles vs sun spots and sun damage

Freckles vs. Sun Damage

Want to know the difference between freckles and sun damage? Little “angel kisses’ are so sweet in the younger years but can be annoying as you age and become aware of…