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True religion summer jean style

True Religion Summer Jean Style

sponsored post: My summer jean style is simple: comfy, casual, easy to dress up, and able to outlast all of the chasing and playing I do with my girls. But…


5 ways to Survive Swimsuit Season

  Hey guys and welcome to another edition of: Self-Confidence-Saturday! If you are new here, you should know that Saturdays are dedicated to building our self confidence by diving head…


DIY: Personalized Gift Idea

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved from Portland, OR to Austin, TX with my little family. So far everything has been going pretty smooth and I even…

savvy style 2.5 copy

Show Your Savvy Style Challenge

I am one of those shoppers that checks out the clearance isles first because I love a good bargain on pretty much anything (lets not talk about the couponing binder…


Beauty and Style: Camouflage

  Whenever I am putting together an outfit, I am always thinking of what I will be wearing on my face in the makeup department. They need to go together…