Chi Air Spin N Curl Review and Tutorial

I recently found the new Chi Air Spin n Curl  1 inch rotating curler smart hair tool and wondered how it would work for short hair, so I bought it to review for you guys and give you a hair tutorial too. I have shoulder length hair, so curling with a wand can be a pain to curl and can also be hard to avoid burning my hands in the process. This new Chi Air Spin n Curl looked too good to be true giving you gorgeous curly hair near automatically and without the fear of hurting yourself. So, here is my full review and tutorial.

Learn how to use the chi air spin n curl with short hair. Check out this easy hair tutorial using this new hair tool that automatically curls your hair.

Chi Air Spin n Curl Video

Check out my video using the Chi Air Spin n Curl for a full demo of how to use it right here! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and I will love you forever. Thank you!

First Impressions: Chi Air Spin n Curl Review

Chi Spin N Curl Self Rotating curling iron hair tool works well on short hair too. Check out this full review plus video demo.

When my Chi Air Spin and Curl arrived from Amazon Prime (yay for two-day free shipping), I immediately got it out of the packaging to check it out. My first impression was that this thing is gigantic and I wasn’t sure how it would work. My hair is pretty fine, and there isn’t much of it. I find it to be challenging to curl in general because of the length. Whereas my daughters have this gorgeous long hair and this smart hair tool seemed like it might work better on longer hair. But, that wasn’t the case. Read on.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use this new way of curling my hair. I mean, I’m used to just wrapping my hair around a hot curling wand and praying I don’t burn the ish out of my fingers. So, using a hair curling device that I could touch and it would automatically spin my hair around to a gorgeous curl seemed weird. But once I figured it out, it was straightforward to do. Read along to find out how I curl my hair the Chi Air Spin and Curl with my short hair.

Chi Air Spin n Curl  Short Hair

Chi Air spin n curl curls your your hair in half the time of a curling wand. Check out this tutorials and my full review with a video.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers while you curl your short hair. My hair currently falls at the top of my shoulders. So, while it’s not super short, it is short enough that it’s annoying to curl with a wand. So, here’s how I curled my hair with this awesome hair tool.

  1. Brushed my hair really good to avoid curled tangles since that’s not a good look! Then I sectioned out my hair like I usually would when I curl it.
  2. Made sure the Chi Air Spin and Curl was facing the correct direction. The flat side should be facing your scalp.
  3. Placed a small section of my hair over the top of the device like the instructions say and press the forward button. It just automatically pulled my hair into the curling chamber, and after 15 seconds, the curl set to perfection (it beeps three times when it’s finished).
  4. Curling the back of my hair was a little weird to get used to at first. But I ended up just pulling sections to the side and curling. Check out my video, and you will see what I’m talking about.
  5. There are buttons that make your curl go forward or backwards. I alternate the way my hair goes so that I can get a really pretty texture.

Does It Take Longer To Curl Your Hair with Chi Air Spin n Curl?

In my experience, this hair tool cut down my hair curling time in more than half even with the 15 minute seconds of holding it on my hair. I didn’t have to re-do any pieces, and I wasn’t worried about it burning me, so I could quickly go through and curl to perfection.

Will My Hair Get Caught in the Chi Air Spin n Curl

I have tried other automatic hair curling devices that have caught my hair, and it was terrifying. You don’t have to worry about that with the Chi Air Spin n Curl. You want to make sure you are only placing small sections and if there is any problem at all the device shuts off completely. With that said, it doesn’t clasp in at all, the chamber spins it around, and from what I’ve seen from playing with it, there isn’t a way for your hair to get caught.

Is the Chi Air Spin and Curl Safe for Kids to Use

My oldest daughter is eight years old, and while it might be too big for her little hands to hold, I would let her use it to curl her hair with my supervision of course. But I think that a ten to 12-year-old would have no problem using this hair tool safely and without any worry of burning. It’s entirely much safer than using a curling iron or curling wand. There is no way to burn yourself from the outside at all. The only way you could burn yourself with the Chi Air Spin and Curl is a finger was stuck inside the chamber while it was on. So, I could see my three-year-old doing something like that, but not my 8-year-old (obviously).

Is the Chi Air Spin n Curl Amazon and Worth the Money

The new Chi Air Spin n Curl is a fast way to quickly curl your hair without burning your fingers! It's easy to use and gives your hair the bouncy and full curl you want.

I purchased this hair tool on Amazon for $111 which is pretty average for a good curling iron.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can get it with two-day shipping which is my favorite because patience isn’t my thing. I ended up getting my CHI Air Spin and Curl the day after I purchased it which was a major win. So, is this fancy hair tool worth the money? Absolutely and yes a million times over. If you have long hair, it was work so well. If you have shorter hair like me, it will work well too, you just have to play with it a little more, especially when curling the back of your hair. But it’s such a good gift for yourself, or for a Christmas present or birthday present. Honestly, if this were gifted to me, I would be so pumped about it.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions of the CHI Air Spin n Curl


  • Cut my hair curling time in more than half!
  • Don’t have to worry about burning my head or hands.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good price.


  • Took a few times to get used to it.
  • Pretty Big

In the end I would really recomend using the Chi Air Spin and Curl. It’s that good you guys! My favorite thing is that I don’t have to worry about burning myself and it gives really amazing curl and cuts my hair curling time down significantly.

You can get yours on Amazon (thanks for using my affiliate link) for quick turn around and a good price!



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