Chloe Nile Bracelet Handbag Knockoffs

If you are looking for Chloe Nile Bracelet Handbag Knockoffs, I have a few you are going to love. I searched Amazon for the best Chloe handbag knockoffs I have seen and the ones I am showing you today are both under one hundred dollars! A real Chloe bag will run about $1,500 or more. So, it’s nice to find a dupe for a much better price when on a budget.

Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag knockoff that looks similar to the real purse

If you are on the hunt for a Chloe knockoff Nile Bracelet Bag look alike; you are going to be impressed by these two. The structure and design are very similar to the original designer bag. I have been rocking both dupes for a few weeks now, and I get compliments and people stopping me to check them out every time. They are statement handbags for a fraction of the price of a real Chloe Nile.

Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag Knockoff Under $100

Alright, above it the real Chloe Nile and below are the dupes. I wanted you to see the real one first so you could see how similar the knockoff versions are. Let’s check out the two I purchased from Amazon, and you can see the difference. I will also show you a few other bags from around the web that resemble the Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag.


two chloe bag knockoffs that are under one hundred

These are the two are the Chloe Nile bags I found on Amazon. It is evident that the one on the left is better quality with structure and overall appearance. The price difference is pretty massive as well, and for those of you that are on a tight budget, the Chloe dupe on the right could be the perfect fit. I will get to the price difference in just a moment, I promise.

chloe nile handbag bracelet knockoffs

Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag Dupe

chloe Nile Bracelet Bag Knockoff at a great price

Of the two I am showing you that I purchased, I am obsessed with the more expensive Chloe Nile dupe. With that said, it’s only $99 and real leather! I think the structure of this designer handbag dupe is sturdy and high-end. I am in love with it. My only annoyance is the color of the gold bracelet handle. It’s yellow gold while the other dupe has a 14k gold appearance.

Best Chloe Nile Bracelet handbag knockoff

I have had this bag for a few weeks now and have used it every single day. I wore the Chloe designer bag dupe to a wedding and to pick up my kids from school. It’s not a very big bag, but trust me, it makes a big impression. This bag also comes in multiple colors like black, brown, maroon, and yellow. I am just a black handbag girl for the most part, but if you like something else…go crazy!


Best Chloe Nile Bracelet handbag knockoff for $29

I also found a 29 dollar Chloe Nile Bracelet knockoff on Amazon that I purchased to compare. If you are on a tight budget, this knockoff is a phenomenal price. It’s not leather and the structure isn’t as chic as the first Chloe look alike, but it’s still beautiful. I like the color of the gold bracelet portion of the purse better than the $99 version. With that said, it’s clear that the more expensive one is better quality.  In fact, if you look closely at this dupe, you can see the demarcation from the handle on it. I am not sure if that will come out over time…I hope so!



Target Chloe Nile Bracelet knockoff

Here is another dupe for Chloe Nile that I found at Target. I haven’t purchased or seen this one in person yet, but it does look nice. There are no grommet details, and the stitching seems decent. It’s still not a beautiful as the first one I showed you. With that said, this one is only $26.99! So, if you like the design of the real designer bag but are on a budget, this might be perfect for you.
Which Chloe Nile Bracelet Handbag Knockoff do you like?
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