How to Contour and Highlight for the Natural Makeup Girl


Contouring and highlighting with a natural approach is the new makeup trend. Gone are the days of ultra contoured cheekbones and sketched on facial features, now you can bust out your contouring moves with confidence. Want to learn how to contour and highlight for a more natural look? By using the best contouring products and makeup tips, you no longer have to be afraid that you will botch your makeup look and get awkward stairs from everyone including your dog.

If you like your makeup to look natural but still want your best features to pop, then you need to check out the Tata Harper Luminous Definition contour and highlighting products. Oh my word, they are unlike anything I have tried, and 100% worth raving about. Check out my review and makeup tips for fabulous results.

The best highlighting and controlling kit for a natural beauty look


What It Is

Today I am reviewing two products from Tata Harper. Check out the Very Bronzing Cheek tint for contouring and the Very Illuminating Cheek Tint for highlighting.  Both created to give you an “effortless way to subtly accentuate your natural beauty by sculpting and highlighting”. Even better, this makeup contains neuropeptide technology to help smooth and plump the skin and give an amazing brightening effect.

highlighter for a natural beauty look

Initial Thoughts

The luxurious and durable packaging was a major plus for me. It is made of green glass and has a gorgeous gold lid that makes the entire product look special and unique. Speaking of the makeup being in a pot, I love that because it’s easier to scrape every last drop out of it. And trust me, you will not want to waste any of this contouring and highlighting product.

best contouring kit for a natural beauty makeup look

What Makes It Special:

Unlike most cream contouring and highlighting products, the Tata Harper kit almost feels like a gel/cream hybrid. This combo makes it incredibly easy to apply and glide onto the skin. Because of the lightweight texture, the contouring makeup is not dense in color, making it incredibly easy to blend. The highlighter has a gorgeous pearlescent look, is also lightweight, and seamlessly blends and illuminates the skin for a healthy glow.

TATA HARPER contouring and highlighting product

How to Contour and Highlight Naturally

  1. Product is everything for a naturally contoured look. Make sure you get the Tata Harper contour and highlighting products. This will make all of the difference in the world when it comes to your natural look.
  2. After you have applied your skincare, foundation, and concealer, grab the contouring portion of your kit. Use your finger to apply the contour makeup directly under your cheekbone making it look like a line. Then tap it into the skin using your finger or beauty blender until the line disappears, and your cheekbones look more defined. (If you don’t have a beauty blender…it’s an absolute must-have for life in general.) Do that same thing to the sides of your forehead and sides of your nose.
  3. Grab your highlighter and swipe it right above your cheekbone and bridge of your nose. Use the same tapping technique for blending or again, use your beauty blender.

how to highlight and contour for the natural girl


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

Because I usually see thick and highly pigmented contouring makeup, the Tata Harper Very Bronzing Cheek tint for contouring and the Very Illuminating Cheek Tint for highlighting is pretty refreshing. It’s so easy to use even a makeup newbie would feel like a pro. This is a must-have beauty product, and I now feel like I need everything Tata Harper (Dang you Tata Harper). Next on my list is their skincare…I hear it’s amazing.


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