Ring Light for Self Portraits

If you are wanting to perfect your Instagram makeup selfies or self-portraits for your blog, check out the Diva Ring Super Nova Light. I have had my lighting ring for a few years and it’s one of the best lights for flawless makeup I’ve tried. This light for makeup has changed the game for my close up eyeshadow and full makeup pictures when I’m doing portraits with my camera. Having good lights for your makeup shots makes a huge difference in the quality of what your makeup looks like in the photo. Get all the details on this ring light for makeup.

This is the best makeup light I have found for pictures of your makeup selfies.

Before I had my ring light I was constantly trying to find the best natural lighting to take pictures in. Finding a good light source is annoying when you are searching for one. Fortunately, I had some really good light kits but it didn’t cut it for picture taking. With the Diva Ring, I can set it on a tripod with my camera and get the perfect lighting for my makeup.

Diva Ring Light for Makeup Pictures

Get the best makeup light for makeup selfies. Check out the Diva Ring Light Super Nova

With Instagram, it’s very important to have high quality photos, especially if you are showing off makeup selfies or self-portraits. If you have invested in a fancy camera, you definitely need to invest in a good lighting set up. The Diva Ring Light makes it easy because it is a fully lit circle of adjustable brightness which illuminates the entire face for a very balanced photo.

This was a game changer for me and my self-portrait picture taking.

Diva Ring Super Nova Light for Youtube

Another thing I love about this at home lighting set-up is that it works really well for video too. If you are on a budget and can’t afford a fully loaded lighting system for Youtube, the Diva Ring works well, especially if you are going to do video close ups of your makeup. Because you can prop your camera up with the Diva Ring, you can get beautiful lighting for your video.

How to Get the Perfect Makeup Selfie with the Diva Ring

Best lighting about makeup selfies with the a Ring Light.

To get the perfect makeup selfie with the Diva Ring Super Nova Light, make sure that you have it set up properly. Then, adjust the lighting with the knob on the back to get the right brightness. If the light is too bright, your face will look blown out. I like to have mine up about half way during the day and then almost all the way if it’s dark out. Adjust your lighting depending on where and what time of day the selfie photo is being taken.

You can either hold your camera for a selfie, or tighten it on the mounting bracket and use a camera remote. I like to hold my camera so that I can get the perfect angles or close ups of my eye makeup looks. The biggest thing when using this light ring is to have your face in the center and about a foot or so away from where the light is coming out. Then, just take your makeup selfies for a more even and vibrant look.

After a few years of using this at home lighting set up religously and recommending it to other makeup artist, beauty bloggers, and YouTubers, I say, get it. You won’t regret having it around for your makeup selfies.


Best inexpensive softbox lighting for makeup tutorials

Guys, I recently also purchased this amazing softbox set for under $60! I have my Ringlight in the center for my videos and pictures and then also have this inexpensive softbox set   up on the sides of my makeup room as well. It’s starting to feel like a studio space in there! Check out all of the other makeup lighting options that makeup artists like to use as well.

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