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Hi, I am Kendra, welcome to my space on the internet! Here is a little background on me. I currently live in Austin, TX with my little fam. I am married (12 years), have three mostly precious kids under 9 and a little fur baby, Ella, who is a Goldendoodle. My husband is a pastor, and I help him lead our church called Mission. My background is in beauty as a makeup artist and skincare specialist. I attended a makeup school in LA and made it my profession.  From there I got my esthetics license and instantly became a skincare snob. Since my venture into the makeup and beauty world 17 years ago (ugh…so many years), I have had the opportunity to work with brands like Nike, Adidas, MTV as well as have my work in the  pages of Fast Company, runners world, Los Angeles Magazine and many others. I also published my first book: 500 Eye Makeup Designs which can be found on Amazon.

Why I started Citizens of Beauty

Here's why I started citizens of beauty and what you need to know.

I started Citizens of Beauty in 2011 because I saw a need. I was doing live beauty TV segments and was getting emails all-the-time with questions. So, I created a space to answer all-the-questions. Because, at the end of the day, I want women to feel confident when they are dong their beauty routine, trying to apply that eyeshadow, and finally feeling bold enough to wear a red lipstick and not give a S**T what other’s think. I absolutely believe that beauty is what you make it. There are no rules. (Well..okay, there are some…which is why we’ve got this blog to tell you them.)

More than just Beauty

what to expect from citizens of beauty

Over the years, Citizens of Beauty has transitioned into a lifestyle blog, featuring not only beauty tips and tricks, but style and fashion, home decor, travel, motherhood, and life advice. While the heart of Citizens of Beauty will always be “beauty”…I have found that there is beauty in so much more and I love sharing it with my readers. My heart for this space has always had my readers in mind. My tribe. My people.

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Well, first off…because I hope that you feel safe here. This is a no judgement zone and you are welcome to learn the beauty tips and tricks that you need to without feeling like you should already know it. Also because, why not? You get a FREE makeup e-book when you subscribe to my blog which took me forever to make for you (being honest..ha-ha).

And if you’re not into beauty…no worries…I cover all-the-things. Do you struggle with Anxiety and Depression? Me too. Have you ever miscarried? I have..twice. Do you like style and fashion and want to know when the latest sales are happening? Maybe you should subscribe.

Either way, whether you subscribe or not…I want you to know this. Please pretend we are sitting down for coffee. MMM-K? Here at Citizens of Beauty, I believe that YOU are a one of a kind, hand crafted, curated creation–there is no one else on earth that can bring to the table what you can. Why? Because there is only one you. You are valued and you are valuable.

My hope is that, in this space, and on my Instagram, and all other social media, that you feel and know that you are beautiful. Makeup, beauty, clothes…and all of the exterior things exists to amplify who you are…not hide who you are.

So anyways, subscribe!

xo, Kendra