How To Get: Red Lips

Need to know how to get your red lipstick on right? Here are are a few tips and tricks on keeping your red lipstick in the lines of your lips with no smudging. Wearing bold lipstick can be a bad thing if not done correctly, right?  One of the biggest makeup mistakes is when lipstick is done wrong. It can end up lopsided, bleed above your lips, and even end up on your teeth. So, avoid that situation all together an apply your red lipstick correctly with these easy steps.

Feeling adventurous and want to take the red lipstick plunge? Here is an easy break down of how you can get beautiful red lips by using an easy-to-follow guide!



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Bold, red lips seem to always be on trend and I personally will wear it in any season. I am a red-lip a-holic. If you are nervous about wearing the bold trend, start with a stain and then bump up to this tutorial on how to get red lips.

1. Conceal your entire lip edge so that you can basically create a new (even) one.

2. Make symmetrical dots with a red lip pencil on the peak of you lip points, then, into the center, like a V. Next, make two more dots on the corners of your mouth and then into the center edge of your bottom lip.

3. Connect the dots with your lip pencil either by free-hand, or by using the edge of a business card.

4.Use a lip brush to apply your red lipstick. This will help you get a clean(er) edge.

5. I am not going to lie, applying red lipstick (or any bold lipstick choice) can be a pain in the booty because sometimes that red lipstick ends up in random places. So use a concealer that either has a brush on the end, or use a concealer brush and apply it around the edges of your lip line. Your lips will look professionally done because they will look polished and not messy.

6. Now just sit and stare at the pretty art work on your face. Yeah…you just did that.


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