How to Pack Your Makeup Bag for Travel

Avoid a cosmetic explosion and learn how to pack your makeup bag for travel. Over the years, I have learned a few packing tips and tricks on how to travel with beauty products and what travel-friendly beauty products to bring. My goal is always to keep my makeup and beauty products from breaking, spilling and essentially ending up inside of my luggage. It’s all about packing smart, bringing your basic makeup essentials, your favorite everyday eyeshadow palette and must-have skincare, and keeping it all in one piece.

Not one person likes their makeup broken…and if you are like me, you like to bring all-the-things. So, here are some tips and how to pack your cosmetics bag for travel and what travel-friendly beauty products to bring.


how to pack your makeup bag for travel


Pack You Makeup Mini’s For Travel

You know all of those mini mascaras and small lipsticks you get as a gift with purchase or as a freebie when you buy through Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom? Save them all! If you want to learn how to pack your cosmetic bag for travel, packing mini cosmetics it key. You can also find mini versions of all of your favorite cosmetics like the Urban Decay Weightless foundation and the Josie Maran Cheek Gelee. Just make sure that when you pack your mini cosmetics, that you place them in their own plastic pouch. Doing this keeps your makeup in one place (ahem..not floating all over your makeup bag) and ensures that they won’t collide with other beauty products and create a cosmetic disaster.

pack wipe on skincare for travel

Pack Wipe Version Everything For Travel

If you can get your beauty product in the form of a wipe or cloth, just do it. From cleansing cloths to self-tanning wipes…and even SPF, if you can wipe it, bring it. Beauty products like this not only work really well, but they pack easily too. Just make sure to pack your wipe on skincare products into their own plastic pouch so that they don’t mix with your cosmetics. It also just keeps your beauty products organized and more accessible.


how to pack your cosmetics safely for traveling

Pack Breakable Beauty Products in Bubble Wrap For Travel

Two words for you when you pack your makeup bag for travel, bubble wrap. You can get envelopes with bubble wrap lining that make the perfect pouch for your favorite eyeshadow palette and other breakable cosmetics you might want to bring. You know your favorite eyeshadow? Bubble wrap it. Also, if you bring anything spillable like nail polish, you can ziplock them and then place them in the bubble wrap container as well. It’s the best $1.00 investment you will me, trust me.



how to pack your cosmetic bag safely for travel

How To Pack Your Makeup Bag For Travel

So you have all of these easy and travel-friendly beauty products and packing tips, but what do you put them in them? Honestly, we all know, packaging can, in most cases, be everything. When it comes to traveling, make sure you have a makeup bag that allows you to pack smart. Space is key, and being able to stack your beauty compartment bags is essential.

A new cosmetic bag on the market is the Kusshi. It has a lot of space inside and you can snap your makeup brush bag into the sides of it as well to keep them protected. Then you just layer your other bags inside making sure you not only have every beauty product you love but that they aren’t getting broken while you travel.

Check out below how to pack your makeup bag for travel You can also see my live beauty segment with AMNW in Portland, OR for more details.



how to pack your cosmetic bag for travel

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