How to Use Artis Makeup Brushes

Learn how to use Artis Makeup Brushes with these simple tips and tricks. Lately, I have been using the Artis brushes on every live feed makeup tutorial because they are easy to use and create amazing looks. From a stunning smoky eye to a simple everyday makeup, you can use the Artis brushes for multiple looks. And, the Artis Oval 10 foundation brush will rock your world, just sayin’. If you are looking for a fast and flawless way to apply your foundation, then buying the Artis foundation brush is a must have. You can watch my live makeup tutorial on how to use Artis makeup brushes right here.
How to use your Artis Makeup Brushes

If you haven’t ever tried the Artis Makeup Brushes, now is the time. They are soft, entirely vegan, and blend your makeup so dang well. Plus, you can use each makeup brush for multiple things. Like the Oval 4 can be used for eyeshadow, concealer, highlighting, and even contouring. Check out my review of each Artis makeup brush and then learn how to use your Artis Makeup Brushes at home.

How to apply Foundation with the Artis Makeup Brushes

How to use your artis makeup brushes like a pro

If you are like me, your time is extremely limited, so learning to apply your makeup (especially foundation) quickly is essential. With the Artis Oval 10, you can apply your foundation fast and save yourself some get ready time. All you have to do is make four dots of foundation on your face in specific areas. I like to dot my favorite foundation on each side of cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then I take the Artis Oval 10 and sweep it from side to side until my foundation is blended completely. You can watch how I do this on my live makeup tutorial here.

How to Use the Artis Round Brush

How to use Artis Makeup brushes round brush


For the perfect cut crease in no time at all, the Artis round brush is an essential and so incredibly easy to use. Don’t believe me? Check out my live makeup tutorial on my Facebook fan page to watch. To use this Artis makeup brush, you just dip it into an eyeshadow from your basic eyeshadow palette and apply it right into the crease of the eye. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get a beautiful cut crease. And–if you are not into cut crease makeup looks, you can also is it to just intensify your crease line for an everyday makeup look.

Get Yours >>> HERE for $35.00

Or in a set >>> HERE for $90.00

How to use your Artis Makeup Brush oval 4

I think that the Artis Oval 4 is a phenomenal makeup brush tool. It not only applies eyeshadow flawlessly, but it can be used as a concealing, highlighting, and contouring brush. I love all of the different ways that it can be used…it’s like getting four makeup brushes in one. For your eyeshadow, just dip the Oval 4 in into a light and shimmery shade, then apply the color right under your brow bone. Next, use a medium eyeshadow and apply it your lower eyelid. It’s as simple as that.

After you have wiped off your brush, use it to non-tour your face or to contour in a very subtle way. If you have dark circles under your eyes, dip the Artis Oval 4 in your concealer and blend it out quickly. Truly, there are so many ways to use this makeup brush.

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Or in a set >>> HERE for $90.00

How to use the Artis Eyeliner Brush

How to use the Artis makeup brush liner brush

This eyeliner Artis makeup brush is everything. Want winged liner? Use this brush. Want a simple tight-line? Use this brush! I would, however, recommend that you use the Artis Eyeliner makeup brush with an eyeshadow instead of a cream unless the cream eyeliner is blendable. You can watch how I use the Artis eyeliner brush right here.

Get Yours >>> HERE for $40.00

Or in a set >>> HERE for $90.00

What’s the Cost of the Artis Makeup Brushes

Because Artis brushes are so well made, they are not going to be cheap. With that said, they are high-quality brushes that, when taken care of, will last you 10 years. So let’s break down the cost, shall we? I think when we look at prices it’s always shocking, but if you keep having to replenish your makeup brushes because they are crappy, you are going to spend more money in the long run.

Artis Oval 10 is $75.00 >>> So, for one year of use, you are paying about 20 cents a day if you purchase it.

Artis Oval 8 is $65.00 (Does the same as Oval 10, just smaller.) >>>  For one year, you will pay 17 cents a day for one year.

Artis Oval 7 is $60.00 (Does the same as Oval 8, just a little smaller) >>> Purchase this Artis Makeup Brush and you will only pay 16 cents a day for one year.

Artis Eye Brush Tri (Oval 4, liner brush, round brush) is $90.00 >>> If you buy all three of these makeup brushes in a set, it’s obviously less expensive, and you will only pay 24 cents for one year.

In the end, these high-quality makeup brushes are a great price, especially for what they do, and they will last you a very long time.

Now that you know how to use your Artis Makeup Brushes, feel free to ask any questions you might have, or pop over to my Facebook live tutorials or snapchat (@citizenbeauty) and ask there. Have a great day!

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