Best Inexpensive SoftBox Lighting for Makeup Tutorials

A few weeks ago I purchased my first set of softbox lighting on Amazon for super cheap! I am always on the hunt for the best light bulbs for makeup, but I also needed inexpensive softbox lighting for my makeup tutorials. As you know, I already have the Diva ring light and I love it, but the softbox lighting that I purchased for my makeup tutorials is amazing and an easy setup.

best inexpensive softbox lighting for makeup tutorials

For everyday life, I use these in-door lightbulbs for makeup and then my Diva Ring Light for taking pictures of my makeup looks. I have used the Diva Ring plenty for my video tutorials and love it, but I found that I wanted the room more illuminated and so I purchased these two softboxes to add to the side of my makeup video set up.

Best inexpensive softbox lighting for makeup tutorials

I have found that since getting the best inexpensive softbox lighting for my makeup tutorials, I can film at any time of the day and keep my lighting consistent. It also has helped the look of my makeup on film and in my Facebook Lives tremendously. I have always been interested in getting the best lighting for my makeup videos but it has always been so expensive. Guess what? These Amazon softboxes are under $65 dollars!

When I saw the pricing on these I had to immediately get them. So, now that I have had them for a few weeks I can say that they are one of the best purchases I have made for lighting. Even if you aren’t doing makeup videos and need lighting for you Youtube or for your business, these are perfect. You really can’t beat the pricing in my opinion and if you are on Amazon Prime, you will receive them in only two days.

I set my softbox lighting up in less than ten minutes. My biggest regret with this purchases is not purchasing them sooner. They have made my lighting for makeup a million times better; I highly recommend them.

before and after using the best inexpensive softbox lighting on amazon

My set up for using this inexpensive softbox lighting is pretty simple and easy to re-create. I have my desk in the center and my Diva Ring Light behind it with my Sony Camera Attached. Then, I have my two softboxes set up on the side of my desk to make the lighting on my face balanced. I use two can lights in the back of my makeup room on the side to illuminate the background. It’s a pretty easy set up to make my makeup tutorials high quality.

Another thing that I like about these inexpensive softboxes for makeup lighting is that they are easy to transport around. If I decide to film in another room, I can easily do that without worry that they will break. My Diva Ring Light is a little more fragile in my opinion and I don’t transport it around that much.

As you can see my before and after picture with using my Softboxes are pretty amazing. If you are looking for good lighting for makeup, you need to invest in these. And honestly, the investment is one of the cheapest ones you will make if you are looking for high-quality lighting for your videos.

So, make sure you check these lights out and grab them. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Also, you can get yours right here: best inexpesnvie softbox lighting



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