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Amazon has some of the best makeup organization essentials at a bargain price in my opinion. You can find everything from eyeshadow palette organizers to lipstick holders and other clear drawer containers to hold things like eyeliners and lipliners.  If you have a makeup drawer or a vanity that holds your cosmetics, you can easily catagorizer your makeup essentials from these Amazon must haves. Honestly, I feel like Amazon is the Target of the on-line world and you can find anything, but I’m telling you, the makeup holders are amazing. Check it out.

All the best makeup organizers and holder for brushes, eyeshadow, eyeliners and more on Amazon with beauty blogger and makeup artist, Kendra Stanton

If you are looking to get your makeup more organized, you can find tons of options on Amazon and get free shipping if you are with Prime (try this 30 day free Prime membership); I’m going to show you my favorites. These are cosmetic organizers that lots of Youtube Makeup Guru’s and Makeup Artists like me use to stay on track and keep things filed in their correct place. There is nothing worse than trying to create a makeup look and not being able to find that lipstick you know would go perfectly with that eyeshadow.

Best makeup organizers on Amazon for vanities and drawers that hold cosmetics with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton


  1. 6 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer If you are looking for a makeup holder that is more high end, this is the one! It’s under $100 and has really good ratings and you can store everything in one space. It reminds me of the one that the Kardashian use to have in all of their shows where they had glimpses of their makeup stashes.
  2. Eyeliner and Lip Liner Organizers I don’t think that I need to explain how amazing this eyeliner organizer is. I’ve placed mine in some random spaces and they still seem to get everywhere. This way that are in one single spot.
  3. Small Acrylic Makeup Organizer  for only $13.95 or this pink one for $16.99. If you are a makeup a makeup beginner, this  makeup organizer is perfect for keeping everything in one place and you don’t need to be overwhelmed with filling it up.
  4. Makeup Brush Holder Wow, this is a genius makeup brush holder. You can keep each of your brushes  in their own space instead of having them smashed up against one another. This will help keep your makeup brushes in great condition so you don’t have to purchase those basic every day eye makeup brushes again for a while.
  5. Small Cotton Pad and Makeup Organizer Every makeup lover has a cotton pad container..this one allows you to store small cosmetics with it too.
  6. White Drawer Makeup Chest I have this under my desk to keep all of my makeup organized in a drawer and I love it.
  7. Blush Organizer Check this blush organizer out! I love how easy this clear container is for stacking your blushes.
  8. Rotating Makeup Organizer I like this one for a bathroom counter. I like that you can easily access your makeup and  keep everything in order. You can even store your skincare in it as well.
  9. Makeup Drawer Organizer I have these in a few of my makeup drawers to keep everything organized.
  10. Eyeshadow Palette Organizer  This is perfect for quickly organizing makeup palettes. Tons of Beauty Youtubers have stacks of these.


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