Fathers Day Grooming Gift Guide

If the father of your kids, or your own father likes to be well kept and groomed, I have some amazing gift ideas for you for Fathers Day that he will adore!  For my husband, he likes to smell good like a lot of guys, but his thing is having good hair. To him, it’s not only necessary, it is essential.

Check out my picks for part 1 of the grooming gift guide for this Fathers Day!




I have to say, I am pretty happy that I don’t need to tell my husband that being well groomed is something I find attractive, he just does it. But if you have a husband, father, or dad who needs a little push in the right direction, these Father Day gifts are going to be the perfect nudge.




What guy doesn’t like grenades? But a cologne in a bottle that looks like a grenade? Even better.

Check out the Spicebomb from Victor & Rolf! This is grenade inspired cologne features bottom notes of grapefruit and bergamot and top notes of leather, tobacco, and saffron.

Price Tag: $49.75 1/7 oz

Availablility: Fragrance.net


Fathers Day


I agree with this quote. I love my dad a whole lot…this entire L’Occitane CADE gift set reminded me of him. Yeah it’s smell good feel good stuff, but he is totally into that and it doesn’t look feminine at all.

This fragrance set is infused with Wilde Juniper called, “cade,” which grows in the Provençal hillsides. Cade has antiseptic properties which make it great for a mans skin.

This set is no longer available, but below is a link to a similar one.

Price Tag: $65.00

Availability: http://usa.loccitane.com


Fathers Day


There is something really special about the Tom Ford Noir Cologne. Perhaps it’s the sleek bottle, or the fact that I could still smell hints of it on my husband well into the night…this sensual fragrance is sophisticated and intriguing. With notes of Bergamot Oil, Verbena, and about a thousand other ones, the Tom Ford Noir cologne is one of a kind.

Price Tag: $97.75 3.4 oz

Availability: Fragrance.net




Like I said up top, my husband is serious about his hair care. I am pretty sure in the 7 years that we have been married, he has owned every hair care product for men every created. With that said, the Layrite pomade is his favorite because it holds well, has great shine, and it easily washes off of his hands and hair.

Price Tag: $16.00 each

Availability: Layrite.com

I have to say that the vintage inspired packaging is pretty awesome too.


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  • Aleya Bamdad

    Great ideas. I have to get shopping.

  • I need to get my husband some new cologne, maybe I’ll try one of these!

  • Great gift suggestions!

  • Logan Cantrell

    This is a pretty neat idea! I did a gift guide on my blog last week but have still not bought my dad a gift. Oops.

  • Norah Salazar

    Tom Ford might be on my wish list for the husband, thanks for the recommendations!

  • Leah from www.thatmamajama.com

    Great ideas! I love Tom Ford’s mens fragrances. I always try to get my husband into them, but he hates cologne. UGH! 😉

  • Ruthy T.

    ohhhhhh!! i need to look into some of these products!

  • erikatheicyone

    My dad would have liked Spicebomb. He liked spicy fragrances. 🙂 My husband is in to lighter, cleaner scents, he likes watery and ozone notes.

  • Awesome Gift ideas. I cheat, I just go to Costco and pick up a huge bottle of Patron or Gentlemen’s Jack for my dad and I’m done 😉

  • hey! our posts are so similar! Love these fragrances

  • marciaf

    Great gifts but I don’t get a Mother’s Day present since I’m not his mother so I don’t give him Father’s Day presents anymore. Too bad since I love gifts.

  • Great gift ideas! 🙂

  • My husband is mostly bald, and my dad looks like Einstein whenever I see him! lol. I do love the idea of cologne in a grenade bottle shape, though it is a little over-the-top macho!

  • I really like that quote, it really speaks to my own relationship with my dad!

  • OOOO I love the spicebomb, great packaging!

  • Anastasia

    I got my hubs a bunch of L’Occitane Cade products a few years ago 🙂 He loves the line!

  • Betzy Carmona

    Those are great things to gift, I’m going to start the celebration early this year

  • FabZilla_Kath

    guys are PITA when it comes to gif-giving. Thanks for the suggestions

  • I LOVE most of TF scents!

  • Christine Mondy

    That grenade cologne bottle is awesome!

  • Those are great ideas! I will definitely keep them in mind.

  • men are such closet pamperers 😉

  • Great gift ideas!

  • Cool ideas

  • Love this list! Some great gift ideas 🙂

  • They are lovely ideas but my father considers methylated spirits is a beauty product so I don’t think he would be too keen for these.

  • How neat! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Kristine Foley

    These are fabulous unique pieces! Thanks for the ideas!

  • That bomb cologne is kind of adorable!

  • I would love to get Tom Ford for the hubby!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Great ideas!!

  • These looks like the perfect gifts for fathers day

  • I love that there are so many great grooming products for men these days. Better than just Old Spice!