Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

If you are wondering when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 starts, here you will find the sale dates along with everything you need to know about the half yearly sale for women. Make sure to book mark this page for up-to-date information on the most talked about sale of the year for shoes, boots, handbags, jeans and other fashion for summer and fall. Click here to shop the sale. You can get the best clothing deals at the Nordy’s sale and even better, if you are a card holder, you get early access to shop top new styles at killer prices. With that said, here is everything you need to know about this NSale.

Everything Nordstrom Anniversary sale dates, early access and best deals are here! #Nsale details and half yearly sale for women info.

Get your shopping bags ready ladies because we are about to have some fun at Nordy’s. Last year I was gushing over all of the fall clothes that were calling my name and I have a feeling that this years must-have sale will be no different. Here are the things I am covering for this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

  • 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog
  • Best Clothes to Buy
  • Hottest Deals at the Nordstrom Sale
  • Styles to purchase

When Does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Start?

When does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale start 2017One of my favorite purchases at last years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was the Stans Smith I have been wearing on repeat since. I can’t wait to restock my shoe situation at the half yearly sale because…new shoes. So my friends, if you are waiting for the half yearly sale to score new shoes, clothes and accessories, you can mark your calendar now because it’s July 21st – August 6th 2017.

Nordstrom Sale Early Access

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2017

Early access for Nordstrom card holders starts July 13th which is especially amazing since it’s my birthday. Happy shopping to me. You can get up to a $20 note when you get approved for a Nordstrom credit card by July 9th which makes the sale even better. I got my Nordstrom card at last years sale…best decision ever.

Catalog Details and Style Staples

style staples to shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary saleI know we are all wanting the catalog now like we did for the 2016 edition. But, be patient, it is coming! For now though check out these anniversary sale style staples I had my eyes on last year. What are you looking for this year?

What to Buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Casual style to shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary SaleOne of my favorite parts of the Anniversary Sale is buying all the trends at a great price. I can get my boots, frayed jeans, cute tops, coats and whatever else happens to be on sale without a coupon. If you shop the Nordstrom sale in store during early access, you will be taken behind a curtain enclosed area to find the latest styles. But, the best way to shop the anniversary sale is on-line obviously. Why? Because with free shipping and free returns, you can purchase everything you want in multiple sizes, keep what you want and return what you don’t. As a busy mom, this makes the most sense.

Three Comfortable and Stylish Trends to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Fall Clothes to Shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

6 Style Staples at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Best Deals at The Nordstrom Sale

I usually take all of my birthday cash and spend it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. At the 2016 Anniversary Sale I scored so many fashion picks for fall and then shopped the sale items that were deeply discounted too. Keep watch on this page for up to date best deals to be had at this #NSale 2017.





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