Flaunt Drops At A Novel Romance

 Although yes it rains pretty frequently in Portland and the blanket of grey literally makes me feel claustrophobic,  there is this huge creative scene of all types of artists that makes me love the city for its unique vibe. Recently I joined forces with oober talented makeup artist and friend, Amy Gillespie, and formed a company called Flaunt Artistry. We had our first official gig as a team doing makeup for A Novel Romance fashion show put on by a local-to-Portland boutique, The English Department, featuring 8 different designers including in-house designer and owner, Elizabeth Dye.

This is the the story of my day with my friend and biz partner, Amy, at The Novel Romance fashion show. I will start first with who “we” are in this new venture we definitely want to flaunt. 

Makeup masterminds of Flaunt Artistry.

Since you already know me..let me brag on Amy for a second. She is one of the most talented makeup artists in Portland, she is signed with Roster and is tearing it up in the editorial world. Yup, I am pretty lucky to know her and partner with her.

About Flaunt

While we are still in the baby stages of building this team and brand…we wanted to tell you a bit about who we are.

With a combined experience of 20 years spanning the TV, film, commercial, editorial, and bridal markets as well as extensive skincare knowledge and training, we have what it takes to elevate your wedding to the next level. It’s not just about pictures anymore and not all makeup is created equal. Your wedding is a high class production that will be documented in a variety of ways – film, digital, HD, and point and shoot, to name a few. You need our know how to ensure you look ravishing under any lens. We are highly seasoned makeup artists with an arsenal of products, skills, and training in several mediums including HD and airbrushing. We’ve seen everything from makeup meltdowns to extreme time constraints to that pesky pimple that raises its ugly head at the least opportune moment. Our packages and options fit any need and budget and no request is too small. Give us a call, send us an email, or hit us up on Skype. We love hearing from you! We see makeup differently and will work with you every step along the way to create your perfect look.  Email us at hello@flauntartistry.com to see if your wedding date is still available for 2013.

At 6:45 AM…yes…AM we arrive at Jillian Rabe’s fabulous studio in Portland to get started on a few models before we head to our next location, Gold + Arrow. (Side note- Jillian pretty much has the best location of all time and I kind of want to hi-jack and steal it.) I am living on 2.5 hours of sleep because apparently that’s how I roll, and I promptly ask one of the models that was headed to Starbucks to kindly get me a drink. Why should you care that I got Starbucks? You shouldn’t…I am just being random.

Gold + Arrow Salon

Next we arrive at the Golden + Arrow salon in Portland. BIG thanks to them for letting us set up shop and do makeup, we were really grateful. They killed it (in a good way) with the hair by the way.

Amy and I were majorly crushing on this unique Portland Hair Salon. If you live in Portland, you definitely need to check out the Gold & Arrow salon.

Here is the Golden + Arrow team of talented hair-stylists. I am serous, you must check them out. And for those of you who are not in Portland, just come to Portland and check them out (and say hello to me too).

Makeup + Inspiration + Feel

 With a wintery-1920’s feel to the show, we wanted makeup to follow suit without being overboard in the winter-department. Although this was a bridal fashion show, we wanted there to be a very high-end editorial feel to this makeup. Think flawless glowing skin, 1920’s contoured eyes, flirty lashes, and glistening eyes. A makeup perfect to flaunt

With our main goal being “flawless and glowing skin”, we chose to airbrush the foundation, blush, and highlighters onto the skin to create that look. Our airbrush machine and formulations of choice is of-course…the Temptu Airbrush system.

Four People You Should Know 

Elizabeth Dye is the owner of a bridal boutique in Portland called, The English Department. Her boutique features 8 designers, one of which is her extremely talented self.

Jillian Rabe, owner of Jillian Rabe Productions, was the producer of this runway show, A Novel Romance. This girl is in high demand and is a powerhouse in our town.

Two of Portland’s amazing (and super sweet) photographers: L) Margaret Jacobsen and R) Lisa Warninger. You can also check out Lisa’s incredible blog that I just discovered and need to know and follow, Urbanweedsblog.com.

Last Looks

Once all of the models were in their gowns, we (as in hair, makeup and crew) were busy hustling to make sure they were runway ready.

Runway Ready

We finally made it and the models are about to walk the runway.

I think we were just as eager to see these dresses float the runway as all of the spectators. Unfortunitally we weren’t able to since we were behind the scenes. So…I wasn’t able to snap any of those pictures. BUT- they are coming soon, which means we will have a part two of this post. *Yay* for more pretty dresses to dream about wearing.

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