POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review [June 2014]



Today is the perfect day for a POPSUGAR Must Have Box review! Why is it perfect? Because the sun is out and this Must Have Box has almost everything I need to make the day nothing but perfection!

What I love about the June 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box is that it was inspired by everything that is blissful about the summertime: sand, surf, backyard BBQs, beachy hair, relaxation, good boooks, and everything else that helps you relax and unwind (where are the margaritas). When I opened up this curated subscription box for summer full of goodies for June, I couldn’t wait to share it with you all! I hope you all like it as much as I do!


Lollies Basic Hair Ties are not only completely functional hair ties, but they look like bracelets and are fun to stack on your wrist.  They also won’t stretch over time like other hair ties do because they are made out of swimwear fabric.  I love that POPSUGAR added these to the Must Have Box; now I just want more colors!

Price Tag: $8.00 (www.lollieshairties.com)


This Turkish-T Beach Towel is not only adorable and the perfect shade of Turquoise Blue stripes, it is lightweight and multi-functional. For the daytime you can look like a babe lying on your stylish beach towel while reading a book and sipping a cocktail. Then for the evening you can use the Turkish-T Beach Towel as a wrap  and look like a glammed-up-beach-babe. I like both options.

Price Tag: $32.00 (www.turkish-t.com)


Alright guys, If you are looking for a a good summer read that you won’t be able to put down, the POPSUGAR Must Have Box has you covered. In this June subscription box you get the highly anticipated novel, The One & Only, written by New York Times bestselling author Emily Griffins. This book tells a tale of an”unlikely romance and lifelong friends set against the backdrop of Texas Football.” Being that I am living in Texas now, I am intrigued….bring on the reading!

Price Tag: $28.00 (www.emilygriffin.com)


After a long day in the sun, there is nothing better than rehydrating your skin with some extremely moisturizing  lotion. I love that the POPSUGAR Must Have Box didn’t miss a beat and added the Sachjuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion; just what my skin needed a day of fun-in-the-sun.

This body lotion uses swedish oats to help calm irritated skin, plus it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and keeps your skin hydrated. Oh, and the citrus scent of this body lotion is amazing! I am taking it with me everywhere this summer.

Price Tag: $24.00 (www.sachajuan.com)

Review of You Smell Lemon Wet Wiipes

Wow, these You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes are great not only for me, but for my kids too! They are naturally anti-bacterial, infused with aloe making them very moisturizing and they clean really well!  I am impressed that POPSUGAR but this huge box of them in their Must Have Box for June and not just one or two like a lot of subscription boxes do. As you can see my daughter got into my red lipstick and it got all over her hands. I have to say, the You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes were here at the right now. So glad I have them.

Price Tag: $6.00 (www.yousmellsoap.com)


Let me tell you, it’s a really good thing that there was only one bag of these One Potato Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ chips in the POPSUGAR box. They are literally the most tasty potato chips I have ever had. These potato chips are all-natural and have a zingy taste with a bit of a spice-kick. Oh-my-gosh, I want more.

Price Tag: $2.00 (www.onepotatosnacks.com)


I can’t decide if I want to use this $15.00 Native Union gift card towards an awesome I-phone case made out of wood, or that I-pad stand you see in the picture above. There are so many cool item on the Native Union web-site! I love that this was included in the popsugar box, I think I might have to snag something for myself.


Alright, I am going to go enjoy all of these amazing goodies and guess what…you can do the same when you get one for yourself! Right now you can use the code:  JUNESELECT10 to save $10 on a 3-month subscription! This  deal ends June 30th 2014, so make sure to get one for yourself or as a gift for someone else!

I hope you enjoyed my POPSUGAR Must Have Box review….I am going to go eat the rest of those chips. Yumm


Xoxo you guys!


note *POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.*

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  • I love those hairbands/bracelets. So cute! How funny that the towelettes are called, ‘you smell’. lol! The wood iPhone case is very hipster. I get it – like having a wood-paneled station wagon. 😉

  • Pink Sith

    Those hairbands look awesome…and to be honest, so does that towel. I didn’t think I would ever get excited over a towel! LOL

  • Those hairbands are just way to cute to use them as hairbands only 😀

  • erikatheicyone

    Nice box. I was kind of jonesing for the hair ties and the book. 😀

  • This box reminds me of like… summer picnics! You have everything you need!

  • I love the hair ties

  • definitely one of my favorite PopSugar boxes!! Everything in it was awesome!

  • What a cool array of products! I like the handled tablet carrier. However, I usually have mine thrown in a big bag and never carry it alone. Too much stuff! But, it looks like the cutest thing! Will you get one?

    I would be wearing those bands as bracelets way more than having them in my hair too.

  • I want the hair ties and the towel!

  • Kelly R

    I am going to have to try that. Those pics of the kids are adorable!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    I can’t wait for my box to arrive! I’d wear the hair ties as bracelets too!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Those hairbands are adorable! Great box!

  • What a great box! I’m always a sucker for a good book…. tho I’m not much into romance.

  • Justina

    Loved this box! I can’t remember if I am getting one this month or not but I sure hope so!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Those hairbands are cute, perfect when I work out! Cute girly had fun w/ mommy’s lippy!

  • Ange

    That towel is my favorite already and I just got my box today, LOL!

  • The hair ties are adorable.

  • This is a pretty awesome box!

  • Your little girl is adorable! This was a fantastic box – Popsugar always knocks it out of the ballpark.

  • I have this box too. I love the hairbands and the towelettes. I am not really a fan of the scent of the lotion.

  • POPSUGAR has the best snacks. I’d wear the hair bands as bracelets too!

  • Anastasia

    Great review! I really liked everything in my PSMH June box, it was the perfect beach-inspired selection.

  • BTBAshley

    OMG the chips were SO good! And I really am happy about the hand wipes too!

  • I never knew you had kids! So cute!

  • Kayti Clayton

    I loved the box too girl. Just finished the book today and I really enjoyed it. And my sister and I are obsessed with the lotion, it’s the perfect Summer scent. I love the Popsugar box!! Hope you’re doing well!

  • I’m all about those hair ties!

  • Betzy Carmona

    I like the towel