DIY Free People Inspired Earring Set

DIY Free People earring set

Today while shopping at Free People I noticed an earring set for $18.00 that I knew I needed to have. But I had to stop myself and take note that it wasn't the earrings that I found enamoring, it was the packaging, and let's be honest, packaging is everything. So I opted to buy two earrings trio at H&M instead for $3.00 and $1.00, and do a DIY Free People inspired earring set at home. I am in love with the results, and I am pretty sure every female in my family will be getting one in their Christmas gift this year.       What You Need 1 small piece of leather (I had some laying around... ) 2 or 3 sets of small earrings (again, found mine at H&M on sale for $3.00) gold paint, paint brush, sand paper (had these around too) 1 cute … [Read more...]

Creative Holiday Gift: How to Make a Beauty Sample Box

Make Your Own Beauty Sample Box 1

Give a creative holiday gift this season and learn how to make a beauty sample box with a personalized touch. During the year, I stockpile all of the beauty samples and gifts with purchase that I have received from Sephora and Ulta for the purpose of gifting them during the Christmas season. With that said, I don't just toss them all together in a bag and throw a bow on it; I want the "wow" factor. Everyone loves a pretty package that looks like it's from a high-end boutique, so that's what we are going to make happen. Want to know how to make a beauty sample box? Check out my steps below and get your holiday gifting creativity mind on.   Supplies Needed: 3 to 4 beauty deluxe size samples 1 small paper-mache box bubble wrap or tissue handful of … [Read more...]

Fall Beauty: DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Recipe

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask recipe

  If you are a pumpkin lover like I am, then you are going to love this simple DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Mask that I conjure up every year around the holidays. And, since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and pumpkin is everywhere, you are more than likely to already have every ingredient needed in your kitchen already.   Why Pumpkin? If you have ever been to a spa around the holiday season, you will notice that a lot of seasonal facials include a pumpkin mask and it’s not just because it smells good.  Pumpkin is a natural enzyme that helps to dissolve dead skin cells leaving it soft and illuminated.  It also it packed with anti-aging beta-carotene (vitamin A), and anti-oxidants; both essential to keep your skin looking young and glowing.      DIY … [Read more...]

DIY Vitamin C Toner| With Green Tea & Lavender

Recipe for DIY Vitamin C Toner with Green Tea and Lavender

Did you know that a DIY Vitamin C Toner is super easy to make and costs next to nothing? Vitamin C (L-acorbic acid) is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young, radiant and fresh because it helps produce collagen, wards off nasty free radicals, and promotes healthy skin cells.  In other words, it’s one of the best anti-aging ingredients you can have in your skin care regimen. Unfortunately though, Vitamin C does have a dark side (quite literally) and can lose its potency rather quickly when exposed to oxygen, making it turn different shades of brown.  When this happens, the usual ‘free radical warding benefits’ of Vitamin C turn against you and actually becomes the evil free radical itself. Isn’t that annoying? If you have ever purchased a Vitamin C skincare … [Read more...]