DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub

DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty

You know that moment when you are wearing a bold lipstick color and it starts to chunk up? Yeah, we have all been there. It’s called unexoliated lip skin… and it isn’t exactly the prettiest thing ever to have happen when rocking a lipstick. But have no fear, because I have a DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub that is easy to make, tastes pretty dang good (although that isn’t the point), and works amazingly well to get the best lip exfoliation of all time.   What I love about this DIY Chocolate Cake lip scrub is that all of the ingredients can be found at either Wholefoods, Sprouts, New Seasons, or a similar grocery store that has a more health conscious vibe to it. If you can’t find the ingredients in a local store, there is always Amazon, which seems to always have the … [Read more...]

DIY Papaya Enzyme Moisturizing Mask and Scrub

papaya enzyme mask and scrub

You guys are going to love me after trying this DIY Papaya Enzyme mask and scrub that I conjured up in my kitchen yesterday. It's really easy to make, super cheap, and perfect for a girls get together because it makes a ton! Check it out!   Now that you have the instructions above, let me show you some behind the scenes pics of what this looks like when you do it and when it's on your face etc.     This is what it looks like before the papaya enzyme mask is all blended up.     This is what it should look like after you are done blending it really well.   Here is what the papaya enzyme mask should look like when it is on your face!   Since it tastes really good and it's healthy for you, I … [Read more...]

DIY: Personalized Gift Idea


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved from Portland, OR to Austin, TX with my little family. So far everything has been going pretty smooth and I even have my home mostly all decorated which feels amazing (pics to follow soon). I am really stoked about my new home and the 80 degree weather I got to have today in April as oppose to the current doom and rainy gloom of Portland's current weather system.  But even though I am excited about all of that...I can't say that leaving what you are use to is ever easy...its only been one week and I miss that stupid rain that I usually curse at. So it was a pleasant surprise when I got a not a Birchbox from one of my Besties, Amy, from She put together a DIY, personalized gift box of things to make me not so homesick … [Read more...]

DIY: Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub


Its official, Oregon has hit it's cold and rainy season which is slated to last until next July (not kidding-- I am already seriously depressed at the thought of it). But on a happier note, fall has arrived which means I can wear boots and awesome jackets, drink carmel apple cider and get away with indulging in all things pumpkin. Since I am a glutton for pumpkin anything, why not bust out my crafting skills (or lack there of) and make a little DIY Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub! This recipe is extremely simple and great for your lips--especially in cold weather conditions.  It only has 4 ingredients, takes a total of 10 minutes to make, and tastes pretty good too. What's In It And Why Coconut Oil - It is incredibly moisturizing and you can even use it as a hair conditioner or a … [Read more...]