How to Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Learning how to take care of your makeup brushes is a basic makeup tip you need to know. It is essential to keeping them for 10 plus years! I can’t tell you how many clients i’ve had over the years that have trashed their foundatin and blush brushes in a matter of a year just by not taking steps to clean them. So, I’m going to show you how to clean your makeup brushes and what products you need to keep them in good shape. 

Learn to wash your makeup brushes the right way with these easy step by step basic tips!

If you take care of your makeup brushes and do what I’m telling you to do here, your brushes will be with you for a long time. Compare that to junky brushes where you have to keep re-buying. In the long run, what is the better deal? I will always suggest buying better brushes. 

You can check out exactly what makeup brushes I love with my Makeup Brush Essentials Guide post. Plus, it shows you how to use your makeup brushes too! So, check it out. 

How often should you clean your brushes:

Technically, you should clean your personal makeup brushes after each use. But let’s be real– that’s probably not going to happen. For a quick cleaning, you can easily wipe off makeup residue from your brushes with these makeup remover wipes I used from Amazon. They will not do a deep cleanse, which we’ll get to–but they are good for those in-between days. 


I also found another option to clean your brushes in between eyeshadow colors. Check out how cool this Dream Beauty Box is!

Price: $12

Use this silicone makeup brush cleaner (pack of 2) to swipe your brushes back and forth for a good cleanse. 

Price: $5

Use these non-toxic makeup wipes from Honest for a quick in-between your major brush washing…days. These wipes won’t dry out the brush hairs which is a total win.  

Price: $6.99

Here is the baby wash I like to use to thoroughly wash my makeup brushes and give them a good cleanse!

Price: $8.99

How to deep clean your makeup brushes

Nasty bacteria growth can happen if you don’t thoroughly was out your makeup brushes. You should do a deep cleaning of your makeup brushes at least once a month. It’s recommended to do it once per week, but again, let’s be honest, not one of us (except for the type A’s) are going to be doing that. So, once a month is great. Unless you have shared your makeup brushes, then obviously, do a deep cleaning afterward because that would be gross. 

Steps to a deep makeup brush cleaning:

  1. Get your makeup brushes out…crazy, right?
  2. Get 2 hand towels out for drying. You can also use a brush hanging rack like this one to make them dry better.
  3. Get some warm water in a bowl and add baby soap to it. I like the one from Honest Company because it’s non-toxic.
  4. Dip your makeup brushes into the sudsy water and twirl them around. DO NOT SCRUB YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES. They are not your hair.
  5. You can get this silicone makeup brush washing pad and “swipe” your makeup brushes back and forth. It’s great way to really get into the hair and cleanse them. But again, do not smash your makeup brush into the pad. K-thanks. 
  6. Run your makeup brushes under warm water with the bristles facing down to rinse out the brush.
  7. Then, take a drying towel, and gently squeeze the bristles of the hair from the base going all the way down to the tip. Do Not smash your brushes when you are trying to clean the. Do not swirl your brushes around your hand towel as that will damage them completely.
  8. Last, you either want to hang dry them with this brush drying rack, or you can just lay them down on a clean towel.

Alright, now that you know all of the steps it takes to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes, you can see how time-consuming and annoying it is. I’m just being honest. 

But, in order to save your brushes and make them last for a very long time, you have to do it.

 If you don’t care to do the monthly washing and you would prefer nasty bacteria to grow, and watch your brushes experience a slow, painful death–don’t buy nice brushes (don’t share them either). That would be a waste of money. And when I say “nice brushes,” I mean anything that’s not a drugstore makeup brush option. 

Here’s when to toss them your makeup brushes:

If you have been too aggressive with your brushes by grinding them into your face or while cleaning–they may have frayed ends. If they do, they are most likely un-repairable, and your application probably won’t look that great. It’s time to toss them! Sorry!

Get new brushes babe, and don’t trash them this time! 



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  • Love the makeup remover cloth suggestion. I hadn’t thought of that and it is a great quick idea between regular washes (I’m not very good and keeping up on that). This helps!

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