Wearing Makeup To The Gym: A Do Or Don’t



I am sure we have all thought it a bit odd when a girl walks into the gym wearing full force, Kim Kardashian styled makeup. But I will admit,  although I would never wear heavy makeup to the gym, I would prefer to not look completely disheveled! Honestly,  I would like to even look somewhat cute when I am sweating puddles! However, I am also aware that 5 minutes later after doing Zumba or kickboxing, my makeup will be  seeping further into my pores, clogging the areas of my skin that are already sketchy. So when I am at the gym, I stick to my basic beauty essentials, mascara and lip-gloss while avoiding items like foundation, concealer and blush. With that said, I live in Oregon where they actually filmed Twilight due to the lack of sunshine. So I have been known to sneak in some bronzer from time to time since I tend to look a bit translucent and vampish during the winter months.

Avoid The Breakout: To avoid getting clogged pores, make sure that you wash your face before and after working out immediately. I always carry the Neautrogena Cleansing towelettes in my gym bag for an easy wipe down. This is a go to item for me, I also make sure to keep these in my makeup kit in-case a client wants to remove their makeup. It’s just easy.


These can often be found for $2.00 online or in stores for around $4.00 a pack. If you have a Costco near by, you can get a 3 pack for around $12.00.




Options: Being without makeup for a women is a vulnerable state. So, If you feel like it is not possible for you to go to the gym without foundation on, I would recommend using a mineral makeup line like Jane Iredale  that is non clogging and healthy for the skin. If you struggle with acne, make sure to wash your face immediately after your workout no matter what. You don’t want to aggravate your skin by allowing sweat to bread more bacteria.


$52.00 at JaneIredale.com, you can also find this for a great deal at Bloom.com when they have $20.00 off discount and other promotions.




Your Thoughts: Do you wear makeup to the gym? If so, what are tips to avoid the breakouts?

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  • Not gonna lie, I always giggle at the girls who used to fully apply their makeup before soccer practice when I wan in high school and carry that with me still today when I head to gym. I think that keeping your pores clear and hydrating yourself while exercising is key, but I am victim to wearing matching workout outfits for sure.

  • I never wear make-up while exercising. For some reason my skin (which is far from good) looks its best after a good workout – almost poreless and radiant.

    • Anonymous

      really? If that were the case for me, I would work out more often!! 

  • I agree- no base! It is shocking how many people wear base to the gym. But- I use to have terrible acne about 10 yrs ago and i felt super insecure about going anywhere without base on.

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