Tips for Mom Body Swimsuit Confidence

I hate swimsuits and shopping to find the perfect bikini, tankini, or black crotchet one-piece for my mom body. On the flip side, I love the summer heat and idea of floating on a blown up pink flamingo in a pool while holding a drink that everyone thinks is water while my three kids swim around like little angels. I want the pool, but my insecure teenage self peaks out and I struggle with mom body swimsuit confidence. Friends, I am a mom in the trenches of motherhood, but I refuse to live my summer hiding behind a towel just because I popped out 3 kids and my stomach doesn’t look the same as it did when I was 18. So, here are 5 tips to get your mom body confidence back and survive swimsuit season.

Tips on being confident in your mom body swimsuit


Confession, I downed an entire full bag of chips yesterday and felt good about that decision (organic and GMO Free..mind trickery) until I woke up with a stomach bloat that will cause others to questions possible pregnancy. Also…there are swimsuit situations happening today, so this mom body swimsuit confidence is going to be on my brain all day. Let’s rock our mom bods in bathing suits together.

Mom Body Swimsuit Confidence Tip 1: Your Mind

I have seen the fittest moms with muscles and 6 packs struggle with swimsuit confidence. How you feel about yourself and your body in a bikini or one piece suit starts in your brain. What you say to yourself matters. So, instead of pointing out to yourself all of the thing’s you wish were not about your body while trying your suit on and checking out your butt from all angles, point out the things that are. Maybe you have cellulite on your thighs. Celebrate that you have legs to walk with instead. Maybe your tummy has loose skin and stretch marks. Celebrate that your stomach also carried the babies you love instead. Whatever it is that you complain most about with your mom body in a swimsuit, change the direction of your negative brain default and speak positivity instead.

If you have kids, this is especially important. Your kids see ev-er-y-thing and they will emulate your swimsuit body confidence. So, make it a good one.

Mom Body Swimsuit Confidence Tip 2:  Don’t Give Up

mom body swimsuit confidence 1

When summer hits and the beach towels come out and the swimsuit situation starts to unfold and your body isn’t what you had envisioned for the summer, you can’t give up. If you had goals to work out more, still work out. If you had goals to eat healthy, continue on. Do all of the healthy lifestyle changes and pursue your fitness and body goals for a stronger postpartum body all while doing tip #1. You got this! Progress over perfection.

Tip 3: Find the right Mom Body Swimsuittraveling honolulu the modern hotel review

Just because you saw the best mom body swimsuit on Pinterest with a mother holding her 500 children and looking flawless doesn’t mean it’s going to look the best on you and thats ok. Don’t cry about it. We all have different shapes and sizes to celebrate. Speaking of,  I was at the pool the other day and this mom of 2 was wearing a bikini bottom that rode right up to her booty crack and I was slightly in-awe. Not because she was wearing it…but because she must have had to do approximately 5,000 squats to have glutes like that. Good job mom.

Yeah, that mom body swimsuit would not work for me (and also I am a pastors wife…so..I would rather not have to respond to emails. Just kidding…ish). I prefer a higher waisted swimsuit bottom that also covers my bottom full on and full force. There are so many mom body bathing suits out there now that you can find to wear and feel really good in. Here are a few popular mom body swimsuit options for the summer that I am loving.


Tip 4: Don’t compare your Mom Body

Tips and Tricks and being confident in your mom body bathing suit

The pool is a great place to compare your mom body to other mom bodies, isn’t it? I know it is for me. WE NEED TO STOP! Enjoy your bikini swimsuit at the pool and let her enjoy her own! The only thing we should be comparing is who did a better cannon ball with the biggest splash like we did as kids (while keeping tabs of our own kids I suppose). Get it? Stop and stay in your own mom body swimsuit lane. Nuf said.

Tip 5: Have Fun

Being Confident in your mom body bikini

My daughter said the other day to a friend of mine that I never get in the pool. The honest truth is that I don’t care for pee infested waters where I know for a fact children and adults have chosen to not walk the ten feet to an actual restroom. Gross. While I think that is a good excuse for not immersing myself into a pool (flamingo floatation device sounds much better), it’s still not good enough for a 4 year old who would love to play Little Mermaid with her mom. So, if thats not a good enough excuse, then not wanting to play with my babes because of mom body swimsuit embarrassment is surely and definitely not either. Our kids need to see us rocking our motherhood in confidence.





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