Valentines Day Ready in 20 minutes!

My day typically starts out right about here. Holding one of my two little ladies, and trying to get ready through-out the day. Valentines day is no exception, other than the fact that my husband is very PRO V-Day and likes  to celebrate. Although honestly, I think it’s just an excuse to get dressed, go on a date, and  buy him a movie he has been not-so-subtly talking about this past week. I don’t really care for a gift, the perfect gift would be to not do any laundry for a week…or a year…or the rest of my life actually. Anyone else feel me on that?

So basically if I am going to go from BLAH to GLAM…I don’t have very much time…like 20 min. max with possible “pauses” due to someone under the age of 2 needing my attention. So, this is how I do what I do when I do.

Forget washing your hair. Try nearly dumping an entire bottle of Bed Head Rock & Roll Dry Shampoo into your hair and swooshing it around.

Yup, tease the junk out of your hair.

Basically I just brushed out my hair.

 I got my makeup on finally! Okay- hair and makeup took about 15 min. actually with holding Naomi.

I did pick this up for this post…couldn’t resist it’s super cuteness. Stila-$14.00

 I kind of need some chapstick…I will get to that later. But here is an up-close of my eyes.


I got this dress from H&M for my AMNW segment. I love it because of the color, the shape, and extra layer of fabric it has in the front to make me feel just a little more comfortable. You have to be careful with this dress though because it likes to open up and give a  little “sneaky peaky”…so make sure to where a cami or something underneath like I did.

I don’t think I need to explain that one.

Make sure to get the hubs a card.

Go gushy or go home.

I really did get this look in about 20 minutes…which is why it is not super dramatic! But it’s how I am rolling this V. Day!

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