Valentines Day Relaxation with Lush Cosmetics

This year for Valentines day, I am going to be relaxing in a mountain of bubbles with LUSH Cosmetics. These day’s I will take just about any excuse what-so-ever to have a chill moment without kids and just be. And, since everyone knows that Valentines Day is the only legit day to celebrate love, I am taking some time to myself to ease the stress of all that pressure (excuse made).

tips for relaxing of valentines day

So here is what I am thinking: a frothy bubbly bath, a good read, some meditation, ambiance, and perhaps a dose of dark chocolate. Let me expand that a bit so you can get some tips and tricks for you. Let’s de-stress from the pressures of Valentines Day together.

LUSH Cosmetics  Valentines Day product

1)   Bubble Time: Nothing says relaxation like a hot bath that smells like heaven and mounds of bubbles. To make bath time even better and far more intoxicating, use the playful LUSH Cosmetics Unicorn Horn and the Floating Flower Bath Bomb. For pink, sparkly bubbles infused with essential oils from Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Neroli, try the Unicorn Horn. If you want a frothy and colorful bath time, use the Floating Flower Bath Bomb that smells like Jasmine.

ambiance for Valentines Day

2)   Ambiance: In order to really relax, you need your atmosphere to be peaceful and something you enjoy being in. So put away the kid bath toys and bust out your candle collection. Also, turn on some music that you like. For me, that would be the latest T-Swift album. It just makes me happy.

relaxtion tips for valetines day

3)   A Good Read: Whether you are into the latest best seller or enjoy a good magazine (chalked full of handbags equal to the amount of your car), having something fun to read is relaxing. So, put away your smart phone, I-Pad, or whatever distracts you from being present, and just re-laaax.

ghiradelli dark chocolate

4)   Chocolate: Since dark chocolate is good for you, you don’t need to feel bad snapping off a peace and indulging a little. If you are not much of a dark chocolate person…get your milk chocolate, I won’t judge you. I just think dark chocolates better.

inspiratinal sayings for valentines day

5)   Positive Meditating: Nothing will give you self-confidence like the inspirational candy shaped hearts that come out every Valentines Day. Need a boost? Just open a box and take a few deep breaths while you read things like hottie and be happy.


I hope you guys get to take a moment to yourself this Valentines Day! Make sure to check out the LUSH Cosmetics bath products. If not for yourself, they would make a perfect gift for someone you love. Also, say hello to ladies of the Beauty Council and see what they are doing for V. Day!



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