10+ Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

When Christmas season hits, I not only love to shop for presents, but I love to find Easy DIY holiday gift ideas and make them. Over the years I have put together many creative DIY home decor and beauty product blog posts and so I rounded them up so you could create your gifts for loved ones too.  There is something special about making a homemade present that someone on your list will actually like. So, here are 10 gift ideas for the holidays you can make at home.

Simple DIY holiday gifts and ideas that will be fast to make with Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Kendra Stanton

Easy DIY Gold Wire Wreath

DIY Gold Wire Wreath for Christmas

My all time favorite home made Holiday Gift Idea is this DIY Gold Wire Wreath. I gifted several of these last year and they were  a huge hit. There are many different ways you can create this wire wreath by adding different foliage; I just liked mine a little more simple. In all, this DIY gift only took me around ten minutes to create! You will love it so much you will want one for yourself.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Leather Feather Ornament

How to make leather ornaments that look like feathers

If you want a fun Christmas gift, check out this DIY Leather Feather Ornament. These are so cute in a set gifted together, or they can be used as embellishments on a Christmas package. Plus, they are really easy to make and everyone will love them.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Lightbulb Feather Ornament
How to make an easy feather ornament using a lightbulb

One of my most popular blog posts for Christmas is this DIY Feather Lighbulb Ornament idea. You guys, these are SO EASY to make and are a major hit packaged together or added to a gift. You can create little home made ornaments in a matter of minutes and yet, they look high-class and expensive. So, win-win!

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Lavender + Peppermint Body Scrub


DIY Peppermint and Lavender Shea Butter Body Scrub with Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Kendra Stanton

For a nice homemade and handcrated body product, check out this DIY Whipped Lavender and Peppermint Shea Butter Body Scrub Recipe! This DIY holiday gift idea smells absolutly delicious and makes your skin feel even better. Wrap it alone or pair it with another one of these cute DIY gift ideas for a really fun package.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Earring Set

simple DIY Earring Set that looks expensive

I would say that this DIY Earring Set Gift is about 50% homemade. You don’t have to make the earrings, but you do need to get the leather. Basically, this DIY holiday gift idea is entirely about packaging, presentation, and making your gift look more unique and thoughtful. Plus my friends, it’s a super quick gift idea.


Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Jewelry Dish

DIY Jewelry plate holiday gift idea for her by beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

Check out this cute DIY jewelry plate!  This is something that you could do with kids or by yourself. Maybe add a piece of jewelry to it to make it an even better gift.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Peppermint Lip Scrub

Try this simple DIY Peppermint Candy Lip Scrub recipe. It makes the perfect last minute gift.

One of my favorite Holiday gifts is this DIY Peppermint Candy Lip Scrub. It works wonder’s to slough off dead lip skin cells and prepare them for hydration. Also, when your lips are smooth, your lipstick goes on 100% better, just sayin!

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub


DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Scrub via @citizenofbeauty

If you don’t like peppermint, make this DIY Chocolate Cake Lip scrub! It totally smells like chocolate cake and it’s even edible, safe and entirely non-toxic. Plus, you can make this DIY gift in about 5 minutes and wrap it up with the next DIY gift below.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Organic Lip & Cheek Stain

DIY Organic Lip Stain Using Beet Juice with Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Kendra Stanton

Want naturally tinted lips? Check out this DIY Organic Lip and Cheek stain using berries. This is something I did with my daughters and they LOVED it! You can eaily make this gift and pair it with a lip scrub for a fun holiday gift.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Idea Vitamin C Toner

DIY Holiday Gift Idea Vitamin C toner with Green Tea for some serious anti-aging benefits with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Give the gifts of Anti-Aging! You can create this DIY Vitamin C toner with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for anti-aging benefits. You don’t have to have a ton of ingredients for this skincare DIY either and your skincare lover is going to love it.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Pumpkin Enzyme Charcoal Mask

How to make a DIY pumpkin enzyme charcoal mask

Do you have someone who loves the smell of pumpkin? OR maybe you know someone who loves the feeling of really soft and glowing skin? You can easily make this DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Charcoal Mask and wrap it up with the Vitamin C-Toner. This duo would be the perfect DIY holiday gift idea.

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Vitamin C Face Scrub

Gift gorgeous glowing skin with this DIY skin brightening face scrub that you can easily make at home with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

DIY Vitamin C Brightening Face Scrub is so dang good! If you don’t want to make it has a holiday gift, gift it to yourself! Your skin will feel tight and look raidant after just one use! Make sure to follow all of the steps for gorgeous holiday skin.



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