10 of the WORST Mothers Day Gifts Ever

Mothers Day Gifts are supposed to be thoughtful, and heartfelt. They are gifts that should say, “Hey mom, or mother of my child, good job.” But honestly, some of you just need to be schooled on what to avoid when giving a Mothers Day gift. I am sure most of us have gifted at least one of these terrible Mother’s Day Gifts at some point (I unfortunately have), and if not, just read along so you can feel good about your killer gift-giving self.

Are you ready for the 10 WORST Mothers Day Gifts Ever? Let’s get down to business.


the worst mothers day gifts of 2016


The WORST Mothers Day Gifts

disclaimer: Some moms reading this might actually appreciate these Mothers Day gifts. So…yeah. 

1: Multi-Dyed Grocery Bought Flowers: Unless you are under the age of 15, buying grocery store flowers for Mothers Day that are unnaturally dyed shades of flaming blue and Orange…just stop. I can’t even go further…please spare us from having to fake a “wow, these are beautiful” moment while inwardly saying “what the heck.”

Instead, get some legit flowers that actually look pretty and that your mom or mother of your kids will want to display. Better yet, if you are going to go the flower route, do something crazy and ask the mom in your life what her favorite flowers are. She might hate flowers and be more like me opting for succulents instead.

2: Mothers Day Coupons: I am just going to say it, mothers day coupons for chores are given with good intentions, but let’s be honest, they are NEVER used and are really the worst Mothers Day gift ever. If you are a dad, and you had your kids make these for their mom, just rip them up now. Why? Because the amount of stress that will come from actually getting your kids to allow their mom to redeem the Mothers Day coupons negates the whole point.

Just hire a house cleaner. Best Mothers Day Gift Ever. (And, if you want to do coupons still, make them for hugs, kisses, and snuggles.)

3. Candy: Can you just not? Most of us are trying to get in a bathing suit and honestly, we want the candy. We want the candy so bad that once you give it to us, it will be gone in seconds. And then we will crave more..and then we will just forgo the whole bathing suit situation and eat more sour patch kids because they are freaking good. Deliciously good.

But if you must, can you get the Sugarfina Cocktail Hour Candy Tasting Box? We will not be upset about this AT ALL. 

4. A “Mom Mug”: No. Please spare us all from the traditional Mothers Day Mom mug. We don’t want it. We can not handle one more mug that says’s “Best Mom Ever”. We already know we are. We don’t need a mug to tell us this.

On second thought, if that mug does say something like “coffee snob” AND comes with a gift card with an entire month’s worth of coffee, we can talk. Actually, this option would make one of the best Mothers Day Gifts ever

p.s- This applies to wine glasses too. If you do the wine glass thing…wine MUST be provided. 

5. Household Gift: So you got the Mother of your child a sound system for Mothers Day, did ya? Take it back. You know that was a gift for you. Also, please, for the love, do not get the mother in your life anything household related unless she specifically asks for it for Mother Day.

Honestly, how many times does this need to be said to all the people? No, she doesn’t want a new vacuum. No, she doesn’t want new pots and pans. No, she doesn’t want new dishes. These are thing’s you just get. These are NOT presents.

BUUUT, hey, those lovely copper mixing bowls? Yes, please.

6. Well, I Figured: If your Mothers Day gift is an actual sentence that says’s “Well, I figured that since I bought you a bracelet five weeks ago, that would count as your Mothers Day Gift,” you are losing. You are actually losing at life.

However, if you were out shopping and she asked for that bracelet for her Mothers Day gift, and she wanted it right then, you are still winning. Just make sure to get her a card, you are all good.

7. Home Spa Basket: This is a great Mothers Day gift idea. I have even written about how to put together a good home spa basket. But in reality, zero mom’s want a spa experience at home. We just want to go to the freaking spa and be pampered by someone else.

But if you want to to do a home spa basket, throw in nice body lotion, a candle, body scrub, and also a gift certificate to her favorite spa. 

8. A Plant: Succulents are fine. But a plant that she has to water every day and try to keep alive and then feel bad about because it died is way too much anxiety. Just don’t give her anything that adds more to her plate.

With that said, if you want to take it upon yourself to buy the flowers, plant them, and hire a gardener to take care of them for her? Deal. Or if you would like to just water them yourself, you totally can, and we will think the flowers are amazing.

9. Perfume: Oh yay, another perfume.

Unless that perfume is amazing and you know, she will feel spoiled! Then, you should totally get it.

10: Charm Bracelets and Necklaces: For the love of all Mothers and Mothers Day Gifts, no charm and memory jewelry reminding us of every life moments our kids have had: their first soccer game, their first tooth, the first time they peed on their own. We don’t need reminders dangling from our wrists and necks. We love you, and we appreciate the thought, but can we just get a cool piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott as a Mothers Day Gift? That would be great.

You know what, though, some of those monogrammed necklaces are cool looking. We might like that.

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