2012 Top 7 Beauty Trends


As we come back from the craziness of the holiday season, I find myself reviewing the highlights of the 2011 beauty scene.  It was a year of shock and awe as the world of beauty embraced bright colors such as Orange lipstick and thick winged liner in bright blue. But for those of you in love with the brights, you will giddily welcome 2012 with a bang! This year will copy last year’s trends in the use of bold color (shocking, I know) but with a bit of added edge and playfulness. With that said, let’s check out what the Spring 2012 Fashion Week had on the runway for ideas.


1.Stick On Shapes?

Really? It’s true; it was on three different runways this year! While I love how creative the runway usually is with makeup….raise your hand if you are going to wake up in the morning and paste on shapes to your eyelids. Let us hope this trend fades away as quickly as it came. But on the off chance you’ve found yourself in love with this idea, please send me a picture.


2. Big Frames

So for you girls that spent hours in the mag. light tweezing your brows into the shape of a Nike swoosh, let’s pray you can still grow a few back. Actually let’s pray for you anyways- that was never a good idea in the first place! This year, sparsely arched brow’s are out and the thick, natural brow is in. For you hippie girls, this is not an excuse to let them grow down to your lash-line (I can hear you crying.) Please, please still get them shaped regularly.


3. Bold Lip, Bold Color

If you ever thought it was a good idea to put blue on your lips, this trend is just for you. If not, there are plenty of other trendy lip shades to try out this season in pretty much your color of choice: Red, Orange, Lilac, Hot Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, you get the idea, but with a nude eye paired with a bit of mascara or a winged liner. Although I will be steering about from the hypothermic shade of blue, this is one of my favorite trends. I love to play up a bold lip, and one of my favorite shades is Lilac right now.


4. Vintage Wing Liner

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I hope this trend never goes away, and if it does, I have a feeling I am going to be one of those 60-year-old women stuck in a cosmetic time warp that people feel bad for. There are many reasons why I love this trend, for starters I feel a bit “old Hollywood Glam,” but then I can step it up a notch (or three) and go a bit Amy Weinhouse. There is a wing liner look for everyone and anyone can wear it and look good.


5. Bold Eye, Nude Lip

It’s all about the combo’s this year, and no I don’t mean Taco Bell combos. If you do go to Taco Bell, we need to talk.  Back-on-topic.   Consider trying out shades of Neon Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Orange on your eyelid paired with a nude lip. You can keep it contained to your lower lid and blend it into your contour or go full on and embrace the look- try bordering your lower lash-line with the electric shade as well.


7. Metallic Mahem

While you most definitely will not be seeing be sporting foil on my lids, you can expect that I will incorporate some gold and silver shadow into my monthly routine. Gold is pretty in any season really, it can make you look glamorous during the Holidays and sun kissed during those hot summer months.


6. Straight Up Nude-ish

Every year there is the trend for girls that just don’t really want to wear much makeup but still look refined. If this is you, don’t worry, you are not forgotten, you can still read my blog and not like wearing much makeup, we can be friends. But instead of going completely without anything at all, take a nude shade of shadow that is one step up from your natural skin tone to add more definition to your eyelid contour. Also, if you are rocking this look, you still need blush honey, you don’t want to look washed out. Wear a bronze or peach shade to add a natural flush and warmth to the skin. Oh, and don’t forget mascara and chapstick.


Have a fun day!


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