2012 VMA’s Best And Worst Hair + Makeup

Music + the Glitz and Glam = the MTV Video Music Awards (which also = a very happy Kendra).  I love watching everyone perform…especially Alicia Keys, but I love watching the hair and makeup float the red carpet maybe a little more.

With that said, even amidst the supposed perfectly coifed hair and makeup, some of it was a little less than pretty which bring’s me to the worst hair and makeup for the 2012 VMA’s.


Worst Hair and Makeup

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I am sorry, but Nicki Manaj is starting to look like a clown and definitely wins the award for worst hair and makeup. I know you are famous Nicki and blah, blah, blah….but seriously? Yellow hair and sparkle eyes?  Did anyone else think that she was acting a little inebriated when she accepted her VMA award? This is just a complete train reck look in every sense of the word.

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 I am actually torn on this one because I think her makeup is very, very pretty. But her hair kind of ruined it for me. It looked EXACTLY like Pinks hair, which made it kind of weird since Miley introduced Pink. Miley is a cute girl and her locks are stunning…why did she cut it? To each their own, but I am not a fan. (I am a fan of her lashes though!)

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Dear Ke$ha, you just kind of creep me out….and so does your hair and makeup (oh…and your dress AND the way you acted when you were announcing the winner). Her makeup looks heavy, washed out and I am just not interested in it.

Best Hair and Makeup

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Taylor Swift’s skin was glowing last night which could be due to a good facial and possible highlighter or because she is in love apparently which is either a good thing or we can expect another break up song in the near future. Speaking of “break up songs,” I want to know who she was singing her song about last night. Taylor Lautner already had his turn, but it was still so awkward when they panned to him during the break up song. So awkward.

Her hair and makeup however definitely wins the award for me for BEST! What stood out to me the most was her perfectly bow shaped red lips in contrast to her smoky-vintage eyes. She was a lovely vision in my opinion.

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I thought Rhianna’s look was very glamorous and different than what she usually does. Her eyes were actually pretty simple, sticking to more neutral and shimmery shades accented by some refined, long lashes. I also love how her brows frame her eyes perfectly.

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If I could pull off any look from tonight, this would be it. Katy Perry definitely has extensions in her hair which significantly amps up that glam look even more. (I am glad she isn’t rocking blue, pink, or purple hair this time.) Her makeup is not overdone and her brows don’t have one hair out of place.. This is all together an extremely beautiful and classy look.

So what about you? Which look is your best and worst for the MTV Music Video Awards?

xoxo- Kendra Stanton Beauty Blogger and Portland, OR Makeup Artist

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