3 Fragrances for Father’s Day

If it seems like cologne for Fathers Day is a bit overdone, I hear you. It’s like an obligatory gift of some sort, “Hey Dad, I got you some MORE cologne. Hopefully, you went through the last bottle”. I think the reason it can feel like just a typical Fathers Day gift is because if it’s not the best-suited cologne for the dad you are buying for, it can seem impersonal and sometimes not thought out. It would be like if a guy hurriedly grabs the first set of flowers he sees at the super-market and then slaps a card on it, gives it to you and hopes for the best. You can always tell it was a last minute decision, but you don’t want to be a jerk, so you embrace the multi-color-dyed daisies anyways.

In essence, a fragrance for Father’s Day should be thought out, that’s what makes it unique for the one wearing it. Who wants to wear a fragrance that they don’t like? On the flip side, who wants the same cologne year after year? This Fathers Day, it’s okay to buy cologne for your dad yet again, because, let’s be honest, if he’s anything like my dad, he probably won’t buy it for himself. And, when it’s the right cologne, it truly is one of the best gifts to receive as it reminds them of you.

If you’re looking for the best fragrances for Father’s Day, I have three designer colognes that are just as unique and special as the dad in your life.



Fathers Day cologne and gift guide 2015



Fathers Day cologne and gift guide


If the dad you are buying for is your significant other, I think the rules kind of change a bit. I think you should get something you both like which can take more time and effort. I love cologne, but when my husband is wearing one that doesn’t do anything for me, it can be a turn-off. Cologne should draw you in, and make you want to stay a while. 

Check out these three fragrances for Father’s Day and see if anything reminds you of the dad you are buying for.

Fathers Day cologne and gift guide




DIOR Homme Cologne Review

DIOR Homme Cologne is a simple and elegant fragrance that reminds me of a man in a white dress shirt sipping a glass of wine while taking in the views of a beautiful sunset off the coast. This cologne only has three distinct notes: Citrusy Bergamot, sensual grapefruit blossom, and white musk for a more contemporary feel. It is light and refreshing fragrance that at first smells more citrusy, but then as it settles, the white musk begins to come forward.

When my husband and I first smelled this together, I thought it was something that even I could wear, and I wasn’t sure if the grapefruit note was a turn-off for him. But the fresh scent is something he would wear on an every-day basis because it’s clean and not overwhelming. Also, the bottle is pretty sexy; packaging is everything.

Price Tag: Around $87.00 Found Here



acqua dio gio review


ACQUA Di Gio by Giorgio Armani is an iconic fragrance for the man who is 50% rustic and 50% elegant. He likes the outdoors, but also identifies with the finer things in life. This fragrance opens with a light citrus fragrance of calabrian bergamot, neroli, and green tangerine and then develops into notes of rose, rosemary, jasmine petal, persimmon, and indonesian patchouli for a more woodsy scent.

I think this is such a versatile and well-rounded fragrance; perfect for your dad, and also for the father of your babes.

Price Tag: Around $71.00 Found Here


Fathers Day cologne and gift guide

TOM FORD NOIR Eau de Toilette is a masculine and sensual fragrance that is a lighter version of the original NOIR. It makes me think of a mysterious man that gives off a confidence vibe that is undeniably attractive and alluring. This cologne begins with citrus and violet leaf along with the relaxing scents of mint and cardamom. It then develops into accents of spicy rose, amber and patchouli and ends with a sweet vanilla note.

This is fragrance is one of my favorites for my husband to wear; I find it to be 1,000% intoxicating. I could go on, but I will spare you the details. So ladies, if you are looking for your husband, I highly suggest this one.

Price Tag: Around $72.00 Found Here


If you are purchasing fragrances for Father’s Day, remember to make it as memorable and unique as the person you are gifting it to.

Happy Fathers Day!

xo, Kendra

note* These products are press samples per my request. There are affiliate links within this post. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


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